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Chisholm Outreach Ministries, Inc.


President Pastor Marilyn Chisholm


Tel.: (803) 252-0867
Mobile: (803)315-9559
Fax: (803) 254-1405
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2463 Bratton Street
United States
South Carolina
United States

Our denomination/church

United Methodist

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1.  Friends and relatives of inmates
2.  Rehabilitation programs

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Joined:  25 Jan 2005
Updated:  2 Jan 2006

Who We Are

We are Chisholm Outreach Ministries, Inc. We are providing transitional housing to homeless youth and families in crisis. We are working with the prison (s) chaplain to help those who are in need of shelter.

Our Vision

Our vision for Chisholm Outreach Ministries is to be an effective source of services to those who are re-entering society. Our goals are to be ministries of help to all the less fortunate who comes through our doors. We are helping those who are re-entering society go on to the next level of sufficiency. With the help of all the churches, the communities and other organizations, our goals are 100% fulfilled.

Types Of Activity

Our activities involves all around them becoming self-sufficient: helping them with job interviews, resumes, job placement and permenant housing.


South Carolina and all other States

About Our Prison Ministry

We will continue to minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ. We stay in touch with them as they re-enter society. We just don't leave them, we stay with them to make sure they stay on track, and stay focus, never to re-enter the prisons.

Support In

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in the gospel that God will supply all our needs according to His Riches In Glory By Christ Jesus.

Ministry Events

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