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Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come (2 Cor. 5:17).

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New Vision Organization


S.W. III / Notary Public Ms. Leonna Abraham Brandao


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Joined:  16 Dec 2003
Updated:  24 Jun 2014

Who We Are

NVO is a prison ministry advocating for prisoners, nationwide & consisting of volunteer students and graduates from university majoring in Social Work, Law, Criminal Justice, Psychology & who choose to use their knowledge & education to help the incarcerated become productive or free from abuses. We are about Restoration & Healing.

Our Vision

Consistency in family homes prevent dysfunction & chaos. NVO advocates for such consistency in prisons throughout the United States. Rehabilitation of the incarcerated, cannot occur if every state operates differently. The Government needs to use more discernment in the treatment of prisoners by using Jesus example of healing & forgiving the repented. Our vision is to see remorseful prisoners, freed and in the community, working as we do, to bring harmony and love to one another.

Types Of Activity

We work from the comforts of our homes. We do extensive research for aftercare resources & probono legal assistance. We network, coordinate, write letters to & on behalf of prisoners. We also work in unified efforts with other human rights’ groups to end prison abuses in American prisons. Wisdom: Beware of those who "Put stumbling blocks before God's Children to cause them to fall." Never listen to One-Sided Stories and always go to the Source for Truth.


NVO serves prisoners throughout the U.S. We network with advocates throughout the country, make phone calls, write and speak on behalf of the incarcerated and voiceless prisoners. We research for supportive aftercare resources, such as Transitional Housing, Halfway Houses, Health Care, Vocational Training and/or Employment, Higher Educational Programs, etc. for New Vision Organization's incarcerated Clientele.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We are seeking a volunteer/s who is willing to create and maintain an NVO Newsletter for prisoners. Although NVO does currently have a Brochure with our mission, goals and description of services.

Books we have published

"Prison Poetry with Untold Stories", "World of Healing and Hope", "Touching Lives”,” Lambs Amongst The Wolves", "Inspired By the Holy Spirit", "Knock and the Doors Shall Be Open", "No Freedom, No Existence", "How Can I Make It Through", "No Voice, No Hope", "The Lord Forgave You" and coming soon "Never Judge A Book By It's Cover". These books were written as a result of the author's own personal trauma and experiences.

About Our Prison Ministry

Prisoners nationwide who have turned their lives around deserve to be rehabilitated, forgiven & released.There is much retaliation, vengeance & hatred in prisons by staff. There is always a story behind a story and we need to seek truth from the accused, as well as, the accuser. It could happen to any of us, and we too, would want others to show compassion, understanding, forgiveness and mercy, as Jesus did for all of us. Beware: Watch for “those who cover their violence with garments.”

Support In

Pray for prisoners suffering throughout the world. Prisoners, beaten, deprived, harassed, humiliated, provoked, set-up, & kept in solitary confinement for years, under bogus misconducts. They do not need punishment beyond incarceration. But they do need compassion, spiritual and emotional support, prayers, letters, understanding, mercy & forgiveness. Pray for NVO as we fight to end abuses & deprivations of prisoners. & Please consider volunteering with NVO in ANY capacity.

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