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2006-09-14 15:12:11
Darlene Arkell
Pray for Glenn Pifer, 41 years old with a drinking problem. He's been in jail & on probation most of his life. His dad abused him physically & mentally throughout his childhood & teen years. This man has been tortured long enough! Please pray for the bondage of alcohol to be gone!
2006-09-11 08:13:51
Eero Vahter
I will help people who are suffering. This is the motive that I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God's grace.
2006-09-10 23:47:21
Mee .
lease pray for God will give me an ability to doing oobe deliberately. Thanks for your prayer. God bless.
2006-09-10 11:02:44
Cheryl Morgan
Please pray for my daughter, Kristian, 25, who is in the Plane State Jail. She is a brittle diabetic and has other medical problems. She needs christian fellowship and for the back time she is suppose to get to be straighteded out. They gave her only 48 days and she is suppose to have 3 l/2 months.
2006-09-09 00:08:19
Lisa Carta
Prayer for my Husband Stephen. For the injustice he's recieving for his past and for the truth be revealed for those involved. May God protect him and guide him back to stability and for his children who suffer without him. God Bless!
2006-08-31 09:50:48
Carole Bishop
My family seems to be riddled with strife. My brother was arrested last week for possesion of meth. He is 50 yrs. old with 4 children and a few health problems to boot. My brother has contemplated suicide openly in the past couple of years. Please pray for my brother and family.
2006-08-31 09:38:52
Carole Bishop
Please pray for my family. I am a struggling single mom of 5 children. The oldest four children's father (my ex-husband) has been in prison for 6 yrs. and his sentence is for 22-60 yrs. It has been so hard financially, spiritually, and to our family as a whole.
2006-08-29 17:56:32
Jennifer Portnoy
Please pray for my dad's job at FDY furniture to pick up and get busier, and for the Lord to send me a good Christian mate
2006-08-29 13:54:16
Gilligan Joy
Please pray that I overcome obsession with harmful thoughts. I am afraid of having harmful thoughts, and because of this fear, I tend to have them. I am doing all I can to overcome this obsession, but any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
2006-08-25 20:44:31
Joann Howell
Please pray for my brother. He is having bad chest pains and I had to call the prison today and request that they do a Cardiac Catherization on him. Our whole family suffers from heart disease and all the tests that are done do not show anything unless they do a Catherization.
2006-08-25 19:51:09
Bob Van Buskirk
Sergey, I pray you'll send me the photo's we took in Ohio at the Prison Ministry Event. Thanks, Bob.
2006-08-24 21:51:06
Daisy Peralta
Prayer Request for Enrique he got arrested 2 days ago he was at the wrong place at the wrong time he needs God to set him free . And He needs God's special touch.
2006-08-18 23:05:29
I want to pray that my husband becomes a born again Christian and gets saved. His name is James Hollis. He is at the Neal Unit in Texas. He has a wife and two kids waiting for him to come home and to get well. Please take the urge to consume illegal drugs away! Thank you Lord!
2006-08-18 22:29:20
Molly LaMadrid
My son Chris is facing charges, may have 4 life sentences. I am not really sure what to pray, just please pray. Thank you.
2006-08-16 22:22:17
Martha Young
Please pray for my youngest son that's now been transferred to FMC in Rochester,MN. He's a born again Christian, that has already served 9yrs.

Pray for reduction in his time. (Merrick)
2006-08-16 21:20:33
Katalena Brown
One Love one Heart!
2006-08-16 08:58:11
Rev. Michael O'Connor Sr
Please pray for Michael D. Gonzalez 999174, a Texas death row inmate.

Michael the last I heard was in process of another trial that could commute his execution to a life sentence.

Please keep this man in your prayers as he fights to keep his life.
2006-08-13 14:17:27
Alfred Brown
Please pray for my friend Jonathan-
Please pray for Jonathan's salvation-
Jonathan needs to know and experience the love of God...
Jonathan needs to know Jesus as his best friend and as his LORD and GOD...
There is no more important need.
2006-08-12 16:17:41
margarita orozco
i'm asking that if you could pray for my daughter danielle rodriguez who is in c.i.w corona.for her salvation and her temper. thank you god bless you.
2006-08-12 15:46:08
Delvon Kautz
On the 18th of August I will be sentenced. The term is two yrs however i asked for a hearing 4 a possible change in sentencing. I ask for prayers that Gods will is done in this. That God will direct The heart of the Judge as a course of water as it is written in His Word
2006-08-05 08:53:53
Pam Pope
My friend whom I have prayed for, through his downfall on meth for the last 2 years has been arrested.

In Pierce County jail in Wa for the first time. Please pray for Chuck to be calmed and feel the Lord's love as he is suicidal, feeling very trapped and scared.
2006-08-02 19:10:17
Tasha Jaussen
Please pray for this man by the name Bill Martian. He runs Fresh Start fellowship in Scottsdale.

I will let you know the nature of the information when I see what his decission is.
2006-08-01 15:29:04
Contrell Smith
I would like you to pray for my husband Contrell Smith who is in prison..

And working on an appeal.
2006-07-31 20:57:58
Philip C Ferretti
Please pray for our son Philip J. Ferretti who is in Gulf C.I. in Florida.

Pray for his protection and safety as we feel he is in danger. We ask for prayer that the good Lord gives us the strenght to endure our son's incarceration.

Thank you,
Phil and Theresa Ferretti
2006-07-31 01:26:02
Shannon Dillard
Please pray for my brother is a drug addict who is heading down the wrong road.
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