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2006-07-24 18:13:06
C Davis
Pray for Rudy Flores. He is invovled with the prison ministry in Arizona and is in the process of getting his license. He is involved with a woman who is married of 26 years.

He believes that God has ordained this relationship. They have only known each other 1 month. He is moving in with her.
2006-07-24 17:29:07
Virginia Brown
Please pray for Virginia who is incarcerated at this time.

She is a special lady who just needs to break free from the person who has kept her caught up in the life she knew for so long. She has five wonderful children who are ready for her when she is released from jail in a couple of months.
2006-07-15 06:43:30
Rev. Dan Rushing
Please join with my wife Lynda and me concerning our upcoming crusade to Ghana West Africa, that many souls would be won into the Kingdom of our Lord.

Pray for the homeless children in Africa due to the Aids crisis. Also, pray that the Lord would provide the needed finances fro this mission.
2006-07-09 13:51:15
Dara Jent
Please pray for mine & Clai's relationship to be belssed with love, happiness, understanding, devotion, loyalty and to be revolved around God.
2006-07-05 14:46:20
Karen Cade
Michelle has been out of prison for a year, served 10 years. We have corresponded for 5 years now. She is a trusting God; but having hard time finding a job because of her past criminal record. She has reacurring kidney infections also.
"Bless You" Bear Ministry
2006-07-04 03:14:37
Cozzette Hankins
My 19 year old son has been in jail since April 19, his preliminary hearing is set for July 13, the facts, and witnesses say he did not commit any crime.

Please pray that God will set him free. and clear his name from any charges! Thank you.
2006-07-02 05:13:42
Dana Snyder
Please pray for Chris hes goes to court in July. Thank you.
2006-06-23 11:43:33
Wayne Start
Could you please pray that God will heal Matthew and that Matthew will have a healthy life. Thank you.
2006-06-22 08:07:48
Rev. David J. Dostiglio
Dr. Ron Thompson a fellow INPM member ( ) is about to under go a heart transplant. Please keep him in prayer. He wishes to hear from other INPM members so please e-mail him from his page.
2006-06-19 03:51:00
larry green
Please pray for Greata Williams she is incarcerated in prison in cal, she goes to court in August.
2006-06-18 00:38:51
Viola Megill
We ask prayer for Kyle and his family. He is being released from a boys home and needs guidance in finding a job and living as he has been in a home for several years. Much healing needs to happen in the family. Many thanks for your prayers.
2006-06-16 06:47:43
Emric Joseph
Greetings. You all are requested to pray for our this new ministry that may the Lord help us and guide. Pray for our youth and choir those who are helping and assisting me and go with me in the jails and sing there. In Christ, Rev. Emric Joseph
2006-06-14 01:08:21
Katrina Bennett
I ask that you pray for me and my family, my husband is presently incarcerated and needs to return back home to his wife and five children.
2006-06-13 20:49:23
Melanie Peterson
Please pray for Christopher Pittman. Please give him the strength that he needs to get through his appeal process. Lord, wrap Chris in your arms and comfort him during this time. He is just a child, and needs you so much! Please send a miracle for Chris!
2006-06-11 16:21:53
Nancy O'Geary-Smith
Prayers for my son's freedom, strength for our family to fight this injustice and to enlighten the legal system in the wrong that they do.
2006-06-10 15:21:20
kathy jefferson
I desperately need a car. My problem is that because of my past money problems, I can not find financing anywhere. I am believing in the Lord for an answer to this problem, but I am getting weary. Please pray for me to stand strong now and wait on the Lord.

Thank you
2006-06-10 08:19:38
Melinda Aronson
Pray for my son in Florida who is awaiting decision on a violation and possibly going to prison for the first time.
2006-06-09 13:05:41
Richard Scoyne
I've been out of prison since 1993 off parole since 1994 after 13.2yrs of a 7-14 sentence. Pray for my family broke up. Thank you for you prayers and time. Your brother in Christ, Richard Scoyne
2006-06-04 01:25:26
Eero Vahter
We have here in Finland a spiritual camp (06.09-06.11.2006). To the camp comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. We hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.
2006-05-27 09:35:57
Deepa Sathyan
Please pray for us to lead a happy married life together till our death.
2006-05-25 08:56:16
Jude Ofori
I want to you to help me to open your ministry in city.
2006-05-25 02:29:28
Eero Vahter
We have here in Finland a spiritual camp (09-11.06.2006). To the camp comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. We hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.
2006-05-25 00:53:19
V --
Could you pray for my uncle. He's in debt, has a drinking problem, and is causing a lot of heartache to the family, particularly my grandmother.
2006-05-24 15:15:53
monique leito
Please pray for my son Carl who has been incarcerated since August of 2005. He is facing another charge at present and he needs prayer.
2006-05-24 08:20:01
Greetings in His Grace you are doing agreat JOB.
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