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We believe that Gentile Believers in Messiah are grafted into the Jewish olive tree (Romans 11) and thus are encouraged to understand and appreciate their roots.

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2006-03-24 12:57:39
Lori Robinson
Please pray for an old friend of mine who is serving 15 years in a Canadian prison who really needs to be saved and to give his life to Jesus. His name is peter Fraser.
2006-03-19 15:43:30
Irene Padron
Please pray for my husband Dwain to become the man GOD needs him to be and to come home one day soon.
2006-03-09 10:32:39
Mother of an Inmate
Please pray for my son, Scott, whom is incarcerated in Indiana. He needs prayers to change his life and that God will forgive him when Scott is ready to give himself to God and make the needed changes in his life. I ask for prayers to keep me strong and to remember to Let Go and Let God.
2006-03-06 21:00:31
Janet Wolfe
We are GROW ministries and in need of an accountant, we recently lost our other accountant due to the fact that a new job came his way. But we are at a stand still till we get a new volunteer accountant. Please ask the Lord for His provision with us. Praise the Lord and Thank you!
2006-02-27 20:46:29
Mary Tunstall
Please pray for all of my family members that are in prison. And please pray that my son who is only 2 years into his recovery and trying to stay out of prison will find the money to pay his rent and a job. His uncle too. Thank you!!
2006-02-20 11:00:23
Rebecca Salazar
I pray that the jails/prisons stop their rioting. I pray that we all pray on the inmates and family members who are effected by these ordeals adn find some peace in their hearts. I also pray for my husband Richard whom I love very much and that he will be home soon.
2006-02-20 07:54:52
Mary Runge
Please pray for Daniel Cowart. He has been gone for one year in prison, awaiting his Appeal to be heard. Our 6 year old son needs his daddy, I need him too..we were to be remarried. God Bless, Mary.
2006-02-15 12:07:04
Rev. David Dostiglio
We need a new building to hold services in and new members to help support the minstry.
2006-02-11 20:06:20
Karen Clark
Please pray for my husband and our father Stanley Clark. He was sentenced for a year at SCI in Delaware for property Theft. This is his first criminal offense. Please pray that he will be kept safe and he will strengthen his relationship with God.
2006-02-08 12:53:24
Maureen Harrison
Please pray for my husband who is in prison for something he did not do. He had turned his life around and honestly had a bad seed of a parole officer. Our son misses his Daddy very much. Please pray that he can be returned home very soon.
2006-02-07 18:20:16
Ursula Johnson
Please pray for Paul Stotler who is in the CFW Regional Jail. Please pray that he forms relationship with God and will be delivered from drugs.
2006-01-14 10:19:42
Pastor Scott
Please pray for our Pastors in Nepal & Africa. The Maoists and LRA are strong within these respective countries so join with us for God to stretch out His arm against the severe suppression and persecution breaking this stronghold upon the people and our Pastors.
2006-01-09 05:17:27
roy roy
Please pray for God will give me Her self to me thanks for your prayer. God bless!
2006-01-07 17:56:12
John LaGuardia
I face possible prison time--judge's discretion--1st time offense--from all reports, very tough judge. I am in great fear in thinking the very worst of what may lie ahead in a prison. Please pray God's grace and mercy to be extended through the judge, prosecutor and detectives. Thank You !!!
2006-01-06 23:50:36
Bobbi Desch
Please pray for my son who is at Lorain correctional institution. Please pray that god will keep him safe, strong and that his relationship with god will grow stronger every day.

Bobbi Desch

God bless you all
2006-01-03 12:38:42
Jackie Austin
Please pray for my brother Jackie Austin, he is a Vietnam war veteran in jail waiting for grand jury. He is getting very depressed.
2005-12-30 12:50:32
Joshua James
Please pray for Justin, who is currently in Jim E Hamilton Correctional Center, That his heart will be softened to God. He is an awesome person he just let his life get filled with sin.
2005-12-30 11:33:48
mara mara
I need prayer for me and my common law husband, we really, really need Jesus in our lives again. Thank you and God Bless.
2005-12-18 08:53:42
roy roy
Please pray for God will give me Her self to me. Thanks for your prayer. God bless.
2005-12-07 12:52:35
Karen Gallegos
Please pray for my daughter, Marie, whos been in County Jail since Oct,05. She is awaiting sentencing. May God give her the strength she needs, the Peace shes looking for, the Salvation her MaMa is praying for. Forward Christian Soldiers!! Sis. Karen in Valdosta,Ga.
2005-12-04 14:20:13
Susan Hamel
My son needs prayer as we all do. Please pray that the Lord will put a godly person in his path to help teach and grow him in the Lord. He is seeking the Lord in prison and I pray that he can connect with someone in ministry at the prison to give him the help he needs. God bless you and thanks
2005-12-03 23:57:44
Mary Roach
Please pray for my family, my husband goes up for parole in april 2006. God Bless you
2005-12-02 22:21:38
dorothy hernandez
Please help us claim victory for my son in jeseu name that he will be relaesed on his eligeble date of jeb. 2006. thank you. he is in tn. mountain city prison robert mounts , he is a new born christian .
2005-12-02 21:41:37
Anita McCann
Please continue to pray for all women and men incarcerated in prisons throughout the world.
2005-12-01 14:34:36
paula johnson
Please pray for my son Christopher Johnson. He was sent prison on Oct.27,2005 sentenced 12 years. For 2 different crimes one he did not do he was with the person that did. Wrong place wrong time with the wrong person. Pray that he is able to out of trouble.
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