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Jeremiah 1:4-5 - This saved my very life when I was in the 7th grade. My mind was made up to kill myself.

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2005-11-30 19:12:08
elizabeth heller
My son Eli is curranty at fmc rochester. in prison. he needs prayers asap. for his depression. he is a christian. and is in need of some uplifting from our lord. agree with me in prayer that the lord will release him from this depression.
2005-11-30 16:00:39
Leonora Neri
I want to pray for my little sister, Jessica and all of my family. My little sister just lost her new born baby boy, Johnathan Rodriguez, my nephew was only four months old. She needs everyone to pray for her to take her pain and hurt away. Thank You so much for your prayers. Leonora
2005-11-29 20:14:45
2005-11-29 14:40:36
leonard guay
please pray for leonard who is trying to quit tobacco chewing.
He needs the strenght from the holy spirit to do this. although he is praying on his own on a daily basis he could use more prayer on this addiction. thank you for your time
2005-11-28 14:56:49
Jaimie Parrish
Please pray for my husband, he is currently facing a prison sentence of 5 years for a crime he did not commit. He is a firm believer in Jesus Christ our savior. I ask for you to pray for our comfort and guidence as we go through these difficult times in our lives. Thank you and Lord Bless you.
2005-11-23 05:00:40
Veronica Arce
Please pray for my husband as he goes before the parole board in May. He has fully accepted Christ in his life and we are looking forward to joining prison minsitry to give our testimony.

Thank you and God Bless You!
2005-11-18 20:42:29
roy roy
Please pray for i can see, find, meet and conscious about GOd in everything, everywhere, everytime. And GOd will give me psychic ability and spiritual gifts. Thanks for your prayer. God bless!
2005-11-09 01:16:09
Henry Rosales
Please agree with me in prayer for Belinda Mendez for her salvation, protection, and that she attend church. Amen.
2005-11-08 07:58:13
I woant to geat christian penpales
2005-11-02 15:16:43
Beth Senn
Please pray for my husband currently in a county jail awaiting trial. He has freely choosen and accepted God as his savior. Please guide him and give us the strength to see through the tough times. I pray for the best in great hope. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen
2005-10-30 23:55:35
RichardAndMichelle Turner
Please pray with us, that the right hearts are touched, that it is God's will we are following, to give us all guidance, strength and help us keep our Faith, in Jesus' name.
2005-10-30 20:20:16
Beth Michael
Greetings! Please pray for Christian Pen Pals/Pen Pal Connection and all the people involved, both the inmates and the volunteer pen pals. God's hand to be upon us, His guidance and protection, grace, wisdom, and mercy, to do a good work in each of our lives for the glory of God.
2005-10-29 03:17:11
sheri h
A soul waiting for a labor, Scott Dyleski.
2005-10-14 06:11:34
Grace Lewis
I pray that your sons will return home wise, willing and able to do good in the world.
2005-10-13 14:34:23
rebecca b
Lord, please give these inmates and others thats not in prison peace of mind and hope. Please let them have faith in you and themselves. Please let them be encourged and give them strength to go on day to day. Let them also know that they can do all things through christ that strengthens them.
2005-10-13 12:59:54
christine flaurr
my husband and father of 5 children is in a county jail awaiting trial. he had an accident with horrible consequences but is holding onto his faith. Please pray for him and us during this trying time. God bless
2005-10-13 09:51:03
roy roy
Please pray for GOd will talk to me in a voice that i could hear.thanks for your prayer
2005-10-12 18:00:23
Rebecca williams
Please pray for my husband, Paul. He's in the parole review process right now. He's been gone for 4 years now. My kids and I need him home. Pray that the Lord gives him the strength to stay away from the drugs this time.
Thank you,
2005-10-05 18:48:58
orlando junior
please,pray for community good samaritan from brazil because our members need deliverence
in every parts of their lifes in Jesus name. We need to get rid of devils in Jesus name. amem
our names: mercedez, marcos, natalia, orlando, jose, beth, roberto, bianca, beatriz...
thank you very much
2005-10-04 16:22:30
Tim H
I am facing a fight in court...For something I did not do...I ask for the People to drop the charge in Jesus name
2005-09-29 12:17:28
Mattie Strozier
That the Lord would send the right lawyer /jurors to my husband since we can't afford one and that he would be tried and sent home to me this year. That He would move on the Hearts of the Pardon and Paroles Board as well.
2005-09-24 00:22:23
lynn angel
my prayers are with all. it is said that this country has done what they have done for citizans , rather in prision or not. i have righteous anger about the state of affairs currently going on. God bless you all, and keep you.
2005-09-22 23:34:15
I am asking that a pray for my son Yannick Padilla. I ask that the Lord let the truth be told. That mercy and grace be given to him. Only a mircle can save him now. Oh please pray for him, In Jesus name I pray amen.
Thank you
Linda Grady
2005-09-21 02:04:24
Marjorie Arbuckle

I believe real name Yahweh. I know that next year will be 6th seals. I am deaf.
I thank to Yahweh warning me that for future happen. I am ready with Yahweh.
I praise to Yahweh.

2005-09-21 01:01:12
Lailoni menrad
please pray for my boyfriend Andrew Reyna
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