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2005-06-20 14:45:28
Denise Stephens
Please prayer for my son Travis Stephens!
2005-06-18 15:27:44
Dorie Powers
Please pray for my loving son Brian.
2005-06-14 23:34:15
Annette Blankenship
That I can keep on. Pray for my sons and Troy. Pray, verybody pray this whole prison issue comes of good and positive change.
2005-06-13 06:51:12
Ed Go
I am sharing a serious matter with you and please pray for me to give proper guidance, wisdom, discern and intelligence to solve this matter.
2005-06-12 15:46:47
Beverly Phillips
Please pray for me. I was assaulted and stabbed in January. I was knocked out and panicked to the point that I cut my own wrists before calling police. They saw the self inflicted wounds, and didn't believe me about the assault. They thought the other stab wounds and bruises and concussion were also self inflicted and charged ME with making a false statements and false report of a crime.
2005-06-11 22:30:13
Damian Anthony Tabannah
Please pray for my son Damian Anthony Tabannah he will be going in front of immigration this monday could you help me pray so they will give him a second chance! Thank you!
2005-06-10 16:35:02
jennifer bing
Please pray for a reationship to contnue and to work out and to result in lvoe happiness etc
2005-06-09 17:46:56
Anna Marie Sanchez
My son, chris, is in jail in walworth county jail in wisconsin. he was living with a woman and her kids (NOT romantically) after he ended up having to go there after my daughter and i left an abusive money for him to come with us.
2005-06-09 08:14:38
Shelly Petty
I'm asking for alot of prayers for me and my children right now and always. my husband has just went to jail on a probation violation and is facing 5 years. my daughters dad is serving a 65 year sentence for failure to appear. i have always been the one that took care of everyone and right now i need alot of prayers for myself. im having a real har time! Thank you!
2005-06-09 02:16:46
Sunder. M. Syam
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Greetings and good wishes in the name of our Companions of compassion Net work " CCN India" request you to pray for our ministry.
2005-06-08 16:58:06
Jeanette de Prima
Please lift up in prayer my son Steve who is in prison waiting for housing placement. He is stubborn and thinks he can quit crack on his own. Pray that Steve will have Godly wisdom and meditate on God's will for his life.
2005-06-08 15:51:54
Debbie Webb
Please pray for my husband who in prison in Huntsville, Texas. Terry is up for parole and we are waiting for the decision from the parole board. My husband has been incarcerated 3 years and this is his second time up for parole. The chance of him making parole is somewhat slim since he has been in prison 2 other times for the same charge of drugs.
2005-06-08 09:02:12
Reyna Martinez
Please pray for Reyna to be allowed,in court today 6/8/05, to continue in a drug rehab program rather than be sent to prison. The Lord delivered her from drugs miraculously in January, and she is a blessing to our son and family.
2005-06-08 00:00:20
Jacqueline Carrington
Please pray for my brother Alton Jr. He has a felony record from making a bad decision sometime ago, he is out but has not been able to find work because of his felony charge, he is also needed housing;preferably a nice clean room and groceries. He is extremely depressed and doesn't seem to have a sense of direction, he has also experienced alot of rejection his entire life, and "really" needs to be re-parented.
2005-06-05 20:57:26
Rev. Ruben Viveros
Been serving the Lord for 22 years in prison ministry as a Volunteer Missionary Chaplain. Have had a great burden for the non-english speaking Hispanic. Today, hundreds perhaps many more are now serving the Lord in Mexico and other parts of Latin America all to the glory and Honor to our God.Praise God for only He can save and wash us with His blood.
2005-06-04 19:55:52
Jeannie Popejoy
My children's father is in prison and is set to be released sometime this month. I went to court last December to renew an existing restraining order that I had against him. As a result, the judge granted an order of protection (stay away order) for 10 years. I am pleased with the judges decision, as I believe it is in the best intrest of the children to be kept away from thier father as he is a violent criminal.
2005-06-01 22:05:57
Ruben Viveros
Prima, for a long time I to have been concerned for Gabriel, letty, and Nancy. I feel your pain and can relate, for I too had the same problem with my son. He broke my heart and his mothers so many times.
2005-06-01 12:54:37
Connie Contreras
I ask that who ever comes across this message will take the time to help me pray for my family. Leticia, Gabriel and Nancy Viveros. Nancy needs to be deliverd from drugs and depression. Gabriel need s to be delivered from alcohol, drugs and needs to dedicate his time to his son. Leticia, well she needs to let go of her past. Both my brother and sister (Letty) are very disrespectful to my parents.
2005-05-31 22:42:20
Carol Bowen
Please let my friend donnie soon see that my life is changing and let his change too. I truely love him and want to marry him but his negativity is keeping me from liking him. Please pray that we support each other and that our lives will be happy as friends or more whatever the result ends up being.
2005-05-31 17:43:00
Stephanie McDonald
Dearest Lord, I ask that you and the angels help heal my love life. Please help Joel and I see each other through the eyes of love. I ask that I have more trust in Joel and that he realize how much he needs and wants me and all effects of our mistakes be undone in all directions of time. Please work with Joel and I so that we may have harmony, romance, friendship, respect, honesty, trust, and great love for one another. Please renew our love. Thank you, Amen.
2005-05-30 23:52:27
Requesting pray for Fela Jamison who listen to your radio station in South Carolina. He is in prison BRCI Columbia,S.C
Thank You
2005-05-30 20:47:36
Walter Boone
Please pray for the following inmates and their families. These men are detained at the Hopkins County Detention Center Madisonville, KY. Thanks & may God Bless you.
James Clark
2005-05-29 20:54:55
Rev. Ruben Viveros
Dear sister in Christ, all of us at the Hispanic Bible baptist Church will be praying for you, your son and the 2 yr old.

May our sweet Lord place His hand on you and give you hope and peace.
2005-05-25 16:31:00
Tammie Amoroso
Please pray for me and my family. We have been going alot in the past 6 months. My husband of 6 yr committed suicide 3 mos ago and left me to care for our 2 yr old son. In addition, my 18 year son was just charged for 1st degree murder. Please pray that the judge have mercy on him and allow for a 2nd chance. He was getting ready to graduate from HS on Tuesday.
2005-05-25 08:55:22
Mike Pennington
Please pray for Mike. He only wants to find a job and have a normal life.
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