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For I am not ashamed of the gospel: it is the power of God for salvation to every one who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

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2009-10-21 20:47:16
tony kayatani
please pray for God's will be done in virgilio sagisi and all his friend's and family's lives.

thanks, God bless,
2009-10-17 14:08:06
Hirushka Fernando
Pls pray for my dad, Premakumar Fernando, who was the CEO of Lanka Prison Fellowship. There were few people who started harrassing him at his previous working place coz he's a christian. As a result he is framed for a false allegation by the same people n its been a month.
2009-10-16 16:28:28
Jeanie Williams
Pray for my nephew Jason Lowe. He is in prison for two years.
2009-09-28 16:27:14
Relda Copning
Pray for my son in prison in Florida. My son is confused and doesn't understand why God would allow innocent people to be punished. He's 20 yrs. old. Pray especially peace and what God lays on your heart. His name is Joshua. God bless you all
2009-03-04 23:44:37
Jackie Shannon
God to look over my son, and take care of him, and that we get to talk to him its beenin for month , God be with him and with the family!
2009-03-04 22:15:08
Maria Juncaj
Please Lord pray for my brother and lift him up in prayer. Currently he has been serving time in jail, I pray o, Lord, for a good Judge and a strong lawyer, to free him from all this.
2009-03-03 08:27:26
Kate Grushina
Please pray for starting Prison Ministry in my church (Soligorsk, Belarus). I am supporting seven "lifers" and need spiritual and financial help. 3
2009-03-02 19:41:36
Debbie Marines
Please pray for my son. He has struggled with alcohol and drugs for years and it ended him up in prison. He has 3 young children and they need prayer also. I don't know what or if your ministry does for prisoners here, in Michigan. God Bless, Debbie Marines
2009-03-02 14:38:49
Beth Michael
Christian Pen Pals is asking for your prayers. Many inmates are coming out of darkness into His marvelous Light and hoping to find a Christian to walk along with them, to be a pen pal: mentor, encourager, and friend. Please pray with us, God to raise up and send more pen pals!
2009-02-27 10:18:21
Catherine Harris
Please pray for my sons Carlton and Germane. One is in prison and the other is in jail pray for my daughters. Both are married to men that are deeply troubled.

How do I go on facing day after day tha all of my children are deeply destructed.
2009-02-27 00:29:45
Pattie Lewis
My son christopher is facing felony charges that could send him away for life. He belongs to God, but now because he is feeling lost, he needs the strength that only God can provide. Please, pray that God places his hand of mercy upon him and send him home to his son and loving family.
2009-02-24 08:46:39
Courtney Pierce
Please pray for my husband Kevin who is incarerated for domestic violence charges between. Please show him the way to a better life for our children & us. Please pray for his safety and well-being and the strength to get through this journey he is on.
2009-02-23 17:56:56
Michelle Mayes
Dear Father in Heaven: Please bless all of these here. Please be with my husband in prison. Open his eyes to you, your love for us, your will in his and our lives, and for the furthering of your kingdom and the saints. I ask these things in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
2009-02-22 12:08:01
Shannon Marlowe
Please join me in prayer for my husband Larry Burcham. He is charged with Capital Murder. He has completely turned his life over to Christ since his incarceration. We have given his case to God and are relying on his works to free him. Trial is coming up. Please remember us in your prayers.
2009-02-20 14:56:28
Dee Gray
Please pray for the families of the inmates of ASPC-Perryville Complex, Santa Rosa Unit, Goodyear, Arizona.
2009-02-20 13:24:32
Chaplain Dr Joluwaseyi Joseph
May the Lord make all people to understand the reason why crime iswrong and avoid it.
2009-02-19 15:50:20
Jim Denson
My wife will change her mind about me going back into the prison ministry.
2009-02-18 21:29:40
My fiance was recently incarcertated for a crime he had totally nothing to do with. So continue to pray for our strength as we go through this trying time and pray that God will turn this around at this preliminary hearing.
2009-02-17 19:38:14
Kayla F.
Please pray for my friend, he has a court date tomorrow, Feb. the 18th. He has some serious chargers and I really need him home with me, and as well as his family needs him home. Please pray for him get a get out of jail free card, I really think he has learned his lesson.
2009-02-12 14:47:01
Prayer Warrior
Pray For World Homeless Families. & Please Pray For Homeless Women to… In The Name Of Jesus Christ.
2009-02-10 05:49:02
Michelle G
Please pray for Martin Lape. 48 w/ liver damage very sick inside, 18 months, Stuck @ baby Christian stage. Has anger, denial. Lord save, heal & reveal by the Holy Spirit. His spritual eyes & ears be opened & Lord saves him & family from hell & all souls inside & out. In Jesus Name, amen!
2009-02-08 20:31:47
Michael Merritt
Lord Jesus we pray this web-site has knowledge of any efforts to send the truth to those 245 prisoners at Gitmo. This is as above our last hope as we are at "International Network of Prison Ministries". Brother Michael, SWC.
2009-02-08 13:45:50
Lee James
Please pray that those who are leaving prison or have left are able to find jobs and the hearts of their future employers will be open to their value.
2009-02-06 11:29:24
Christine Perry
My brother paul my brother Dennis. I pray for them to be protected from harm and realize the love that God has to offer them and how much God could change there outlook on life. I hope and pray they have the strenth to make there lifes better.

2009-02-04 06:36:14
Tracey Brown
Our ministry is desperately in need of a vehicle. Please keep us in your prayers that the Lord will lead the right person to donate any kind of vehicle so we may continue His work. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Tracey Brown
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