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2005-02-10 00:31:18
Carolyn Williams
Please join us in prayer for the finances to Nigeria in October 2005. We have the opportunity to minister in 5 prisons there and to train local prison ministries in setting up schools in those prisons. The airfare and accomodations are very expensive for travel to that country.
2005-02-09 23:11:49
Angela Johnson
Please pray for my fiance and father of my child. He was sentencedto 10 years for poss. of marijuana. He is currently at Milan Sate Prison. He is going through a rough time because he has missed the birth of our first child and has not been able to hold her since her birth. She is now 6 months old. Thank You
2005-02-07 17:46:37
Bruce Radzwion
Please pray for my dear friend, inmate Nicole Bradley, who is waiting on her appeal, which we pray she wins. She needs to be home. Thank you all!!
2005-02-05 17:56:58
Jacqueline Ahumada
I would like to ask that you please pray for me and my husband. His name is Jesse. He has been sentenced to 9 months at bartlett state jail. He is having a very hard time with this. He will be getting transfered to california when his time is up at bartlett. I ask that you please pray that any evil that is being planned against him, to be distracted. My husband has had a death threat put out against him in CA. Thank you, Jacqueline Ahumada
2005-02-05 15:57:12
Nancy Monroe
I have a friend in prison, pray for prisoners.
2005-02-03 17:50:31
ron griffin
Please pray for my brother in law, Gerald Roth, and his family after his death at the midstate prison in marcy ny - he passed away of an apparent heart attack at the age of 43 on 2/1/05 thank you ron
2005-02-02 07:55:06
William Henson
I need prayer that I get custody of my children. On February 7th, we go to court to battle out the custody and I do not have an attorney and can not afford one. The state of Connecticut has given my wife’s ex-husband custody of their daughter because of the psychiatric report that STATES my wife is unfit to be a full time mother because of her abusiveness let alone her temper. I am a Christian and am putting this in then Lord’s hands.
2005-01-31 14:53:55
James Robinson
Ask the Lord to make me whole.
2005-01-30 22:06:59
Min. Alicia Wade
Please pray that my friend will be granted parole this Augut. He has been to the board twice before, and was denied. He has been incarcerated 20 years, no one was killed,please pray for God's divine favor in this hearing. Min. Wade
2005-01-29 12:07:54
Gena Maldonado
Please pray for my husband that the truth will come out and set him free. That the persons who did this to him will see the error in there way and the vingance and hate isn't good for them.
2005-01-28 23:37:25
Nolia Rembert
Thank you so much for your concerns about people like me who really need help and prayer,

Please pray that God will continue to save my family as well as free my husband. Pray that God will continue to heal my body, mind and soul. Pray that God will keep me for His will and His Glory.
2005-01-28 17:26:00
Pam Roberts
Please pray that God will allow the truth to come out in this terrible situation! If the truth is allowed to come out in this, my son will be free from those prison walls that hold him. If the truth doesn't come out in this, my son will have to stay 15 years there for something he didn't do. Please pray that God will allow the truth to come out in this situation.
2005-01-26 14:42:41
Theresa Marchiano
I want to send out a pray to all the family memeber's especially Mother's who have to live everyday knowing that the child they love and have carried for nine mo nths is in jail or on drugs. Mostly because they donnot know the Lord or have fallen away. Lord give these families the strength and courage to face each hard new day. I pray for the joy of the Lord to fall apon them and peace and hope fill their homes, In Jesus name I pray.Amen
2005-01-26 10:28:03
Tiffany Ward
I have a Best Friend who is currently in jail for a violation of parole , the reason is about a year ago that friend was in a car accident which resulted in my other best friend dying at the scene , please just pray that everything is ok with him and that he may understand everything and within everything that he will be able to find god and find the strength that only god can give him .
2005-01-25 17:28:08
Danielle Burris
My best friend Robert Clyburn is incarcerated in the Butner NC Medium Security Facility. God has answered our prayers many times to lessen his sentencing and I know that God put him there for a reason. I just want you all to pray and believe with me that God will continue to give him the strength and the faith to stand on his word.
2005-01-24 21:14:18
John Pau Escobedo
I would like this request lifted up in prayer: That GOD continue to you us in a mighty way. That HE may open the doors to the prisons for our ministry to go in and touch the lives of those brothers and sisters who are sick and tired, of being sick and tired! I pray that those incarcerated will feel your redemptive power and limitless Grace! Amen.
2005-01-24 12:35:12
Deborah FIELDS
I need God to move in the inner my soul giving me holy ghost spirit and sheer me from the attack various emenies. The wall of stronger come thumble downand peace within. I walking in faith!
2005-01-24 12:29:54
Carlos Guariglia
Em junho de 1998, meu pai assistia tv de madrugada estorvando meu sono, eu disse que ia travar o tv, o tv travou sozinho, meu pai me mandou destravar, quando destravei o tv, vi a jornalista Renata Vianello, o diabo passou a por na minha cabeça a ideia de possui-la, só falta eu me retorcer para eu negar isso, já não aguento mais.
2005-01-22 17:10:09
Suzanne Kiebzak
Please , I pray that the ones that are locked up do not leave Jesus there! My son has been to prison and was blessed by the ministries that help , but when he got out- after 2 weeks- he left God in jail. I know they taught him many things that are hidden in his heart, but the influences of this evil world are tempting. Jobs are hard to come by and most people do not get involved. It is truly a cold world and I am SO ready to go home!!!
2005-01-22 09:20:47
Jacquelyn Calloway
Please pray for my best friend, Collie, that is incarcerated in Thomas County Prison. He went in over a year ago under a parole violation. God led me to tell him about Jesus, and the wonderful gift of salvation. He shortly after accepted Jesus into his heart. He has began to live for Christ, following his commandments. I realize everything happens for a reason and I know God sent him there to save him.
2005-01-22 07:05:01
Susan Anton
Please pray for my son, Scott, who is incarcerated and does not know the Lord. Please pray that God would touch him with His love and would change his life. Also pray for wisdom in making decisions about the plea the DA has offered him. Scott wants to go to trial against his lawyer's opinion that he should take the plea. Also pray for peace for the other family members. Thank you in His great love, Susan
2005-01-21 02:23:24
Reema Sharma
With a very heavy heart i putforth all my physical,mental, financial and family burdens before Your Divine Throne. Only a miracle from You My Master can change my present circumstances.
My Lord and Saviour, please hear my cry and grant me that mircale of positive change in my life.
Thank You!
2005-01-20 23:30:58
April Faterkowski
My husband is incarcerated for a crime that he didn't commit. Our son became very ill at age of 2 months old and was taken from us by CPS. Our son is currently in the care of family, so he is safe. However, our son's 2nd birthday is coming up in February and his father remains incarcerated. Basically, the police said my husband abused our son and shook him to the point of hemmoraging on the brain.
2005-01-19 23:50:28
Pray Request From Sweden
Please include my dear friend Nina in your prayers for strength, hope, quick release and safe return from the MCC in New York. Thank you for your humanity! Robert - Sweden
2005-01-18 18:05:33
sunny mariah stanford/thompson
please pray for me and my husband as well as our children .he has been incaritied,he only has to serve 180 days ,we didn't even expect to have that. .anyway he has alot of different health issues also please pray for him to get well and come home early on good time. he is a very caring person and faithful heart also ,he is in on a cds charge for med ,from2 1/2 years ago he has changed his life so much since than .
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