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Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears. Acts 20:31

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2007-12-23 02:37:22
Rossey Valenzuela
Dios les bendiga, me podrian ayudar a orar por mi esposo el esta preso en NKSP, y hace 11 meses que no lo vemos mi hija y yo. Yo soy cristiana, y le doy gloria a Dios por que El a sido nuestra fortaleza, mi esposo acepto a cristo como su salvador en la carcel, el se llama Christian Quezada.
2007-12-20 13:27:40
NYONATO Yawovi Elisha
Dearest in Christ, We work among the gangsters and in prison. We have 14 orphans and orphanage home. Thanks and God bless you.
Yours in the Vineyard,
2007-12-19 03:55:22
Airus Inayat
I think i am living a life of fear and lack confidence in life, I am doing job that requires great amount of confidence and communications skills, so please that God may give me confidence and remove the fear in my life. Thank you.
2007-12-17 11:15:55
Gloria Spencer
My son has been incarcerated. This is his first time away from hone during the holidays. He is only 17. He has never lost his faith in God and that will show his love, forgiveness, justice, and mercy. Pray for God's strength during this ordeal and for His safety. Thank you, Gloria.
2007-12-07 16:45:34
Peter Amol
Please could you pray f or us, we are suffering from depressions, damaged arms, worries, ANXIETY disorders, physical weaknesses.
2007-12-02 09:46:34
Mehar Prakash
Sir, God has helped me in so many ways, say thanks to Lord. On nov11th i wrote my toefl exam, waiting for results. Please pray that I must get good marks in that exam. That decides my life please, sir pray for me I am requesting you sir. Thanking you, yours Son Meharprakash.
2007-11-29 16:05:04
Shawneen Burdick
my nephew Jason was given 2 yrs. in prison from one county and is awaiting charges for another county. He now has 1 strike and we are praying now for no new strikes he loves the Lord , has repented of the drugs and stealing. He has 4 kids at home who love him.

In His great love,
2007-11-29 01:39:31
Vijay Kumar
PLEASE PRAY FOR ME UNTIL CURE Please pray that God will brake the curse and other spells that were made against me.i am vijayakumar from chennai india.Age 35.I am in the middle of spiritual warfare and would appreciate the prayers of agreement for victory over enemies.
2007-11-27 12:49:48
Janean Lown
Pray for our family to get through this difficult time and have the resources to stay afloat until my husband is released.
2007-11-27 10:54:47
Carolyn Madison
I am requesting prayer for my son Richard Mosley, and his family that is suffering a tremendous loss from him not being in the home. We need a healing from this. Our hearts are broken and we need a divine intervention from God to help us through this time. May God have mercy and help us.
2007-11-25 11:28:15
Carolyn Ball
Please pray that my son gets psycoloical help that he needs, they keep moving him around the state without addressing his real problems. It's been very heartbreaking for me and my husband.
2007-11-23 05:05:25
Lucy Bernard
Please pray for my son 23 yr old son who is in a louisiana prison, and that he gets closer to GOD. please pray that he will be paroled soon& that ugly charged be overturned& taken off of him. thank u
2007-11-20 18:44:35
Donald Crase
Pray for my marriage to stay strong in the lord jesus, and that we stay sensitive to the holy spirit also for our ministry thank you
2007-11-18 23:48:38
Elizabeth Elizondo
Please pray for Tim; an inmate in Texas. That he gets saved and allows Jesus to change his life. He has 10 more years in prison but we ask that you pray that his request for a "time cut" is granted. That God's will be done in the request and his life.
2007-11-16 01:15:58
Bonnie Mahorney
my son is in the pelican bay state prison in crescent city, ca. in ca. he is filing an appeal on a 40-life sentence. here in ca. the 3 strike rule is very much hurting a lot of people. he was in prison 2x when he was young & was out for 19 years. his name is richard & needs your prayers!
2007-11-15 20:50:17
Melissa Minter
Pray for the safe return home soon of my brother! Lord please keep them save in there.
2007-11-15 15:22:57
Cindy Rouse
Please pray for my son, who is a Christian, but is incarcerated in Perry County Correctional Facility because of drug trafficing that he got hooked up in through his Dad who overdosed on drugs. He is hurting so bad. Thank you!
2007-11-14 18:26:48
Jean Edwards
Pray my husband James will be set free from the prison of lust sins and bondage and that our marriage will be restored and healed. Pray I will be able to love him unconditionally at all times.
2007-11-14 02:57:38
Michelle Rodriguez
My husband has been in since a teenager. He's having trouble adjusting to an adult elationship. The closer he is to getting out, the harder it is. Please pray for him and us that we find strength in each other to endure these circumstances until we can get him home.
2007-11-12 20:29:18
Elsita Barnes
I pray Monroe at Kern Prison is reclassified and rehoused to a section with low points as him. GOD protect him from all hurt, harm & danger every second of each day. Touch his heart deliver him from all negative things. Bless all of us as we stand firm in faith in jesus name Amen.
2007-11-11 13:07:13
Eero Vahter
We have Christmas celebration for inner-city people. It is 12.17.2007. We ask that you pray that God saves, heals and renews a lot of people and that all go well.
2007-11-10 19:36:26
Diana Sprinkle
Please pray for Michael Hatcher now entering the Tallahasee prison. That the Lord would provide an early release for him.
2007-11-10 04:33:56
Caribbean Restorative Justice
We are addressing the problems of prison sex abuse in our nation. Please pray that the prison administration will grant approval for and support the initiative. We know that God desires to set many persons free from bondage to sexual sin and depravity.
2007-11-10 02:36:34
Maylene Wee Sit
Hi! I ask your prayer to my boyfriend who is a dialysis patient. Please pray for him that our LORD GOD heal his sickness health and answered the prayer of his family. I know JESUS CHRIST SON OF GOD will hear our prayer through our strong faith and prayer..
2007-11-08 22:10:58
Michelle Rodriguez
For my husband that has been in since he was a teenager & hoping, praying he makes it home next year. He has never had an adult relationship, having some trouble adjusting to it, but I know in his heart he wants this new life more than anything. Keep him & us in your hearts and prayers for guidance.
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