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"For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.&q…

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I Am Free Ministry, Inc.I Am Second
I Know the Way Prison MinistryI Need a Prayer
I Promise FoundationI Still Care
I volunteer w Daughters of DestinyI.M.P.A.C.T.
Ibadan Baptist Associations Prison MinistryICB Prison to Praise
ICC prison MinistryICC Prison Ministry
Icons Rock Inc.Idaho Corr Instit Orofino
Idaho Correctional Institution OrofinoIEFAI Prison Ministry
Iglesia de Dios ministerial de jesucristo internacionalIglesia Misionera Casa de Oracion
Ignacio SanchezIgnite Ministries
iHope MinistriesIJ Ambassadors of Heaven Ministries
Illinois Correctional CenterILM Ministry
Image ArtistryImmanuel Community Ministries
Immanuel TodayImpact 180, Inc.
Impact Justice MinistriesImpact Life
Impact MinistriesIMSI Prison Ministry
IMSI Volunteer ChaplainIn Christ Int. Teaching Ministries
In Christ Prison MinistryIn His Grip Prison Ministry
In His Hands Ministries InternationalIn His Presence Ministry
In His Steps Prison Ministry, Inc.In Jesus' / Y'shua's Name
In Memory of Rogerin the cleft of the rock ministries
In-Prison EvangelismIncacerated Ministry
Incarceration MinistryIndependant Jail Misistry Association
Independent Reformed Catholic Church/Prison MinistriesIndia National Prison Ministry
Indian Christian ChurchIndian Creek Correctional Center
Indian River Correctional InstitutionIndian River County Jail
Indiana State PrisonIndiana Women's Prison
Indianapolis Juv. Correctional FacilityIngram Pen-pals
Initiatives For America's YouthInmate Care Unit
Inmate Family Ministry, Inc.Inmate Harvest Prison Ministry
Inmate Mail Call Prison MinistryInmates of the Cross Ministries
Inmates, Famlies and JesusInner Faith Prison Ministry Inc.
Inner-City After Care Ministry Inc.Inner-City Aftercare Ministry, Inc.
Innerchange Freedom InitiativeInnerchange Freedom Initiative
Innercity Outreach Mins Resource/Training CenterInnerfaith Prison Ministry, Inc.
INPM AdsINPM Advertisings
INPM EndorsementsINPM Leadership Team
Inside Out MinistriesInside Outreach
Inside The Wall MinistryInsider Ministries
Insight Empl. AssistanceInsight for Inmates, Inc.
Inspirational Prayer MinistryInstitute for Correspondence Studies
Institute for Prison MinistriesInstitutional Restorative Justice Ministries
Int'l Prison Chaplains' Assn. Africa RegionIntake Service Center
Integrated Prison MinistriesIntegrated Prisoners Care
Integrity MinistryIntercessory Prayer
Interchurch Prison Evangelistic and Rehabilitation AssociationInterfaith Chapel at Midstate
Interfaith Committee on Chaplaincy in the Correctional Service of CanadaInterfaith Housing Coalition (Homeless. Families)
Interfaith Housing CounselingIntern'l Institute Of Faith Based Counseling
International Benin Prison MinistryInternational Christian Centre Prison Ministry
International Christian Cooperative MinistriesInternational Corrections and Prisons Association
International Fellowship of Christian Counseling MinistriesInternational Foundation for Better Life
International Institute of Faith Based CounselingInternational Institute of Faith Based Counseling
International Intercessory Services for Human Upliftment Association (IISHUA)International Prison Chaplains Association
International Prison Outreach Ministries, Inc.International Services Liaison Executive, Africa
International Women of Faith Fellowship - AfricaInternational Women of Faith Fellowship Ghana
International Women of Faith Fellowship KenyaInternational Women of Faith Fellowship Texas
Internatonal Presbyterian ChurchInterplantation
Into Thy Word MinistriesIntouch Prison Ministry
Introducation to ManhoodInwood Baptist Church Prison Ministry
IONA Prison MinistryIowa State Penitentiary
Iredell City ChaplaincyIredell Correctional Center
Iredell Prison MinistryIron City Utah State Correctional Facility
Is There Not A Cause?Isaac 40:31 Ministries
Isaiah 42:16 MinistriesIsaiah 58 Ministry
Isaiah 61 MinistriesIsaiah 61 Ministries
Isaiah 61 Prison and Mercy MinistryIsaiah 61:1 Prison Ministry
Israel SeedIst Southern Baptist Church
Ivanovo Prison MinistryIvy Ridge Chapel
IXOYE Prison Ministry