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Isaiah 40:31 - Those who wait upon the LORD will renew their strength. They and shall mount up with wings as Eagle's.

Multi-Denominational. Members of International Network of Prison Ministries.

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Valley State Prison for WomenVandalia Correctional Center
Varner UnitVentura Youth Correctional Facility
Venus Prison MinistryVienna Correctional Center
Ware Correctional InstitutionWasco State Prison, Reception Center
Washington Correctional FacilityWashington Corrections Center
Washington Corrections Center for WomenWashington State Reformatory
Waupun Correctional InstitutionWaymart State Correctional Institution
Wayne Correctional CenterWayne Scott Unit
West FarmWest Shoreline Correctional Facility
Western Kentucky Correctional ComplexWestern Reception & Diag. C. C.
Western Virginia Regional JailWestern Youth Institution
Westmorland InstitutionWestville Correctional Facility
Westville Transition UnitWhite Post Work Center
Wildwood Pretrial FacilityWilkes Correctional Center
Willard-Cybulski Correctional InstitutionWilliam Head Institution

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