Firstlove Community Centre

We love all the inmates they are God's creatures, no matter their crime,t hey are bound to change for Christ.

Philippians 4;8 - Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellen…

Who We Are

Ministry started in 2000. Main aim was to evangelize to the inmates in prisons, but need for providing basic needs rose tremendously, we now cover a total of 92 prisons in our country plus the juvenile institutions and rehabilitation centers. We have a children center for the kids of the incarcerated parents and those abandoned on the streets and others thrown at the dump sites. We fully trust God to sustain the workforce for His Glory.

Our Vision

Our vision is a transformed society, crime free and a better livelihood for the kids to become worthwhile citizens of this wold, a generation of ex-convicts moving out in large numbers to spread the gospel of Christ, the ministry's reaching out and joining hands with other like minded friends and well-wishers to at least place a plate on the table for this families.

Types Of Activity

Evangelism, counseling and guidance, care and support, Gospel literature distribution, washing detergents, sanitary towels, half-way home, re-integration, schooling programs for their kids, Angels program, legal aid and partnership.


We minister in all the prisons in our nation, both men and women prisons, juvenile institutions and rehabilitation centers, we also get invitations to speak to inmates from other nations as an outreach ministry. Most of our prisons are located in the interior parts of our nation, to prevent inmates from escaping on foot.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We are in the process of printing our first prison magazine, the layout is ready for our printing we want to start a simple thing due to funds involved, just to get going-a six page newsletter for now.

About Our Prison Ministry

Our ministry is located few kilometers outside the capital city-Nairobi, we welcome anyone wishing to join us in prayers support, sponsor a kid, an inmate in legal matters, or basic needs etc, we are an all-loving ministry we are non-tribal, interdenominational working relationship, and welcome all letters of criticism and build-up.

Support In

Prayer request to all well wishers to remember us and partner with us, as we trust God for a ministry van to transport basic needs for inmates and kids instead of hiring private vans,we use public means to transport our volunteers to all the prisons throughout the country, sometimes the journey takes a whole night to be ready to speak the following day, Brethren a 28 seat bus will do. Be blessed as you pray and stand with us.


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