IEFAI Prison Ministry

Prison mission "IEFAI" - All of us were a crime people – now we children of God! – God has found us in prison and has given us rescue and new life in Jesus Christ! Now we go to our friends to prison and we bear it the Word of God! God has cured me from a liver cancer in 1997 – I am healthy! I am rescued! – we bear rescue from Jesus Christ in prisons!

Judges 11-29 Then the Spirit of the Lord came upon Iefai….

Who We Are

“IEFAI” - We have received name of God is in the book the judiciary 11 . We Christians Full Gospel I not denomination served and serves all in need Lord. We visit once a week for two prisons and once a month for two prisons, soo ur ability. Our team is 4 resident employees, and about 5 people cooperate u.s. based on cooperation and for students different kinds of assistance, including to and from various local churches.

Our Vision

-- Our. vision for this organization and church building in areas organization Bible school in prison,
Installation cable tv CNL, Life TV, TBN, in prisons. organization center, for drug addicts criminals,
production enterprise for training professional school for training caplaine, students for children with street students relatives and friends those who incarcerated.

Types Of Activity

Worship in the Church in areas of prayer, consultations. Organization and take Bible School, evangelisation, Water baptism, students congratulations on letters relatives and friends.


We do worship in Krikovo sity- zone strict regime PC - 4 : Soroki sity - zone strict regime PC -6 : .Taraclia sity -zone strict regime PC-1 : Krikovo sity- zone of special treatment PC-15 - on a permanent basis .
Also attend the controlled area in Leovo sity- zone strict regime PC-3 : Prunkul sity- PC-16 area hospital on opportunities

About Our Prison Ministry

All my former perpetrators we have criminality lifestyles but God visit u.s. and change our life . Now we go our friends I owe of gospel they know u.s. what we are and we see what we have and have the opportunity or to see what can lord for them, prisons and heart of these people are open for us and we are of gospel Jesys Christ.

Support In

We pray for those who salvation in prison and their families and friends we pray strengths churches in the prisons We pray for fall of crime and the ghost up authority of Jesus Christ and his church we pray a lot of ministers and their assistants for the salvage in all prisons worldwide!


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