Ministerio Evangelizando al Confinado

Psalm 79:11 - Let the sighing of the prisioner come before thee; according to the greatness of thy power preserve thou those that are appointed to die.

Who We Are

We are a Ministry from Christian and Missionary Alliance located in Cruce Davila in the town of Barceloneta in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Our church has been called to minister at the prisons. We have a team of 35 people actively involved at 25 local prisons both state and federal and 30 men, woman and youth rehabilitation centers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be able to help all those in need of salvation, but our main goal is to lead the prisoners to Christ. Have there lives changed never to be the same again. That when they leave prison they will never return again other than to minister the gospel.

Types Of Activity

Schedule visits to Jails and Rehabilitation Centers; Minning lost souls for Jesus; Healing the sick
Discipleship training; Bible correspondence courses; Hold Evangelistic outreach meetings.

We offer revival services with Praise and Worship but have been concentrating lately on discipleship in order to strengthen the church inside.


We minister in about 25 state and federal prisons and 30 men, woman and youth rehabilitation centers. Also we have visited prisons in Republica Dominicana at Carcel Najayo and Penal La Victoria, in San Pedro Sula (Honduras) at Centro Penal San Pedro Sula, Puerto Cortes, Olanchito, La Granja and others.

About Our Prison Ministry

We also want to continue reaching latin american prisoners. We have a vision to travel around the world holding outreach meetings in several prisons, rehabilitation centers and churches.

Support In

That God would use us to save the lost. That He would keep our Pastors Angel Vargas his wife Irma Maysonet and their son Josean, our Ministry Director Blanca Noemi Gonez her husband Enrique Rosario her daughter Kassandra and every member of this ministry our families and all members of our congregation. And that the Almighty God would supply all our needs in the ministry, that Jesus by the Holy Spirit would give us his wisdom to do His will.


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