Peace Valley Restoration Center

My ministry is to provide chaplaincy, education program in jail and after care for inmates. the location is in Nassau County, Suffolk and the Five Baroughs area.

Jeremiah 18 - 2 Arise and go down to the potters house and ther I will cause thee to hear my word.

Who We Are

PVH`s work begins and ends with a heartfelt commitment to our clients and our sincerely held belief that every person can be redeemed regardless of how astray their lives may have been. Our residents quickly realize that they are not just residents, but a part of a temporary loving (and disciplined) family.

Our Vision

Peace Valley Haven Inc. (PVH) has been to provide transitional housing for homeless men and women who have been or are currently involved in the criminal justice system. PHV believes that the key to restoring our residents to socially productive lives lay in our experience- proven capacity to accomplish several objective: Recidivism prevention focusing on cognitive patterns, which if unchanged, will inevitably result in criminal activity.

Types Of Activity

We have Bible studies, we offer biblical counciling, we have church services in Spanish and English, prayer meeting. Linkage to an OASAS licensed, NYS DOP contractor for outpatient chemical dependency services. Linkage to physical an mental health services in the community
assistance with services and maintaining social service benefits


I would like to become a Chaplin in a jail in Nassau County, Suffolk, or the five boroughs area and to provide inmate with after care program.

Books we have published

I have just began to do my first book, It will be publish for the new year.

About Our Prison Ministry

I is my intention to be a Chaplin in the jail and to do an out reach program. I am seeking from your department to establish this program. to get the Chaplin position and funding resource and any training I may need to provide an effective program.

Support In

Please pray for me for Gods guidance and direction. I need help to net work with the right organization, and strength equal to the task He has for me. I am also interesting in becoming a member.


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