Catholic Death Row Ministry

We are a Texas based ministry which sets up prisoners with pen pals. We want to reach every inmate with the love and Mercy of Jesus Christ. Matthew 25:36 sums up our Ministry. Each inmate that contacts us is set up with a Christian Pen pal. If Christ has opened Your heart up to reaching out to those in prison, please contact us. You will be blessed!!

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

We are a pen pan and visitation ministry. We mainly focus on Death row, but we have never turned away an inmate seeking a pen pal. We set up Christians with Pen pals who are in prison. Some write, some visit, some do both. We have set up inmates all over the USA with Pen Pals. We have attended executions, and seen inmates released. Our mission is to take Jesus Christ into every Prison and Jail we can. We are a Catholic Ministry, however no one is ever turned away because of faith.

Our Vision

As stated above, Our Goal is Jesus Christ in every Prison and Jail we can reach. We also want to get as many Bibles into Jails/Prisons as possible. Matthew 25:36 says it all. We want the Christian Community to reach out to those in Prison and Jail. Our Goals are simple. Jesus Christ glorified in Prisons and in Jails. We want to grow. We do not take cash donations. Stamps are nice. We want to get as many Christians involved as possible!

Types Of Activity

Mainly Pen Pals. We do visits as well. We are big Bible senders as well. We get Christian People to write inmates. Mostly Death row, but lifers as well. Our volunteer pen pals write the inmate(s), and if they choose can visit them, send books, etc. No money is required, other than postage.


We mainly operate in Texas. I have pen pals request from California to New York, and from Texas to Minnesota. I have had inmates from other countries write and request Pen Pals. I am pretty active in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arizona, etc.

About Our Prison Ministry

We believe in Jesus Christ and his awesome Mercy. We need people to write Prisoners and share Jesus with them. It is safe and we have never had any problems. WE need writers. Share Jesus with those who are locked up. As Matthew 25:36 says I was in Prison and You visited me. You will be blessed! Again, they are happy to get letters. Thanks and God Bless You!!

Support In

Please pray we get more volunteers to write. Please pray that Christ will open their hearts and let them reach out to those in need of his love and mercy. Pray for the victims of crime as well. Thanks and God Bless You! We never exclude anyone because of Faith, sex, race, ect. We welcome all inmates!


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