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Isaiah61:1 - The Sovereign Lord has filled me with his Spirit. He has chosen me and sent me to bring good news to the poor,to heal the broken hearted, to announce release to the ca…

You are at the website whose purpose is to bring under one Internet roof all Prison Ministries involved in crime prevention and in the rehabilitation through the Word of God worldwide.

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The Foundation Institute For Biblical Studies

We set up, at no cost, a complete Bible College in Correctional Facilities. The Foundation Institute staff, composed of Biblical scholars, Christian leaders and correctional professionals, recognizes that true rehabilitation begins within. We are therefore proud to present a comprehensive program of study designed as an effective tool for self-rehabilitation. The “Inside Edition,” is designed to provide an organized means of study for inmates who wish to obtain a knowledge of the Bible.

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We Believe Group

Relief to the thousands that are languishing within the walls with harsh unjust draconian sentences- we pray that rehabilitation be put back into the formula, we pray that the prison and courts systems shy away from the purely punitive and revengeful methods it currently now uses. Peace and Hope.

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Please pray for my 20 year old only son CJ. He has been in jail for four months now and I would pray that he finds the Lord. I pray that he learn whatever lesson is before him and comes out a faithful Christian man.

Anna Croffoot
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