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You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatever you shall ask of the Fat…

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2007-02-09 21:07:45
Thank you and many Blessings to you for remembering the prisoners. I believe God put many of them there to protect them from themselves and to get their attention. They do get reaquainted with their Father and plant many seeds within thoes walls.

Prayers & Blessings
Sherry Flynn, host of The Olive Branch

Sherry Flynn

2007-01-29 09:04:12
Joy and joy of God's beautiful goodness and love again today and his amazing salvation in Christ. Who has died for our sin and sickness and now he is life and will pray for foe us still today with right side of God. Let us win many lose men to Jesus, pray for blessed revival soon. thanks and bless. keijo, sweden


2007-01-26 22:45:09
Batam Island.
We are BATU PENJURU a Batam Island (about 20 miles from Singapore) prison ministry since 6 years ago under the Assembly of God churches in Batam Island. We minister about 1.300 prisoners every 2 Saturday from 10.00 a.m until 12.00 a.m in the morning. We distribute bibles, give food and drink and clothes to the prisoners. And the most important is we preach and shares The Words of God in The Name our loving Saviour JESUS CHRIST. Would you kindly hand in hand join us our BATU PENJURU prison ministry in Batam Island one day?


(Mr. Gomgom Pasaribu)
Handphone: 001628127051000.

Mr. Gomgom Pasaribu

2007-01-04 15:33:29
I praise God for your ministry with prisoners.

Gary Miller

2006-12-31 19:39:32
We ask for prayer please, for both our souls salvation. Yomi Williams and his wife Willie have faith, and believe our father Almighty will lift the burden of imprisonment for my husband. Please lift us both up in prayer. We pray for the officials that decided a man paying for his past sins, will continue to pay for the rest of his life. We also ask for prayer for everyone with a harden heart that helped place my husband in prision. God forgive them all, and allow our family to be together again. In your name Heavenly Father

Willie L. Williams

2006-12-28 04:29:34
I'm pastor John. God bless you. Rev.John

2006-12-26 07:38:28
lam a Kenya male aged 40 seriouslly looking for friendship or more. The one lam seelching for should be wiling to visit me here in my country Kenya one day. so please if you are serious and looking for the same like Me then feel free to contact meJohn Kinuthia Muregi

2006-12-19 15:37:28
God Bless you huge for this ministry- I just found this site via stamp art...isn't it amazing how the Lord networks us. Will be praying for you and about how I can be most supportive. T.L.K. Oregon


2006-12-18 07:38:42
I belive our church of Christ TV programs would be a good tool of encouragrment for your ministry. Focus On Truth TV programs produced by the New York churches of Christ has updated its web site for Winter 2006 with six new TV programs, written summaries, and scripture references. New programs include: Putting God First We Have An Enemy Facing Our Fears Dealing With Guilt Expressing And Dealing With Anger Families Are Forever We pray our web site is a blessing to you and those who you share it with. God bless your ministry-Lou Boccio

Louis Boccio

2006-11-21 13:08:52
My Husband is an inmate at the Pelican Bay State Prison in the SHU for over 8 years now and has a little over 3 to go. His health is not good because of a virus he some how contrated and I am having a lot of problems with the doctor that is treating him. He constantly lies to me and when I go up to see my husband to find out different. I hope no one ever has to go through this and some changes are made real quick in the medical department of the prison. Believe me I'm not sitting here waiting for it to happen and I hope anyone that has the same or similar situations does something about it other wise it will never end.
God bless.

Angel Chavez Espudo