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2006-11-20 16:20:06
I do pray for the inmates all over the world. First of all that if they are lost they do find Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Second would like to write to a female inmate or two and send Christian poems. Have done this in the past and it went over real well.

Claudette Price

2006-11-12 06:58:31
May all of your families have a safe holiday season. I'm trying to start a program to help the inmates children be able to have a gift for the holiday season. Incarceration does not only affect the inmate but all of the loved ones left behind. I visited a church in Florida called Calvary Chapel. They have a program were families/individuals donate $30.00 to help a child whose parent(s) are incarcerted. Perhaps with the help of this email outreach we can touch the lives of children here in NYS then across all 50 states.
Thank you & God bless you all.


2006-11-09 16:18:25
I am a Grenadian pursuing the MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad. I am opened up to a whole new area of critical issues pertaining to crime and justice. I am somewhat intrigued and overwhelmed by the many and varied situations. I would like to become involved at some level. For my thesis, I would like to look at juvenile justice and whether it is indeed necessary to have a separate system of correction inter alia for juveniles. I never realised the quantum of support systems which are available. I would like to get more information about models and studies which are currently being tried. My research would be on the islands of Grenada (my home) and St. Kitts (where I lived for many years). These islands are in the Caribbean. May you be blessed with personal and professional development.

Dianne Marshall-Holdip

2006-08-27 16:31:51
Great Site, full of info for those in prison ministry!


Jerry Strauch

2006-08-16 22:26:14
It's a blessing know that others care. God Bless and Keep you!

Martha Young

2006-08-14 16:59:08
Whoever started INPM should be commended tremenously! This is a place where members can share resources, to better equip. all of us, to serve the prisoner. Also its so NICE, to meet other like minded people,in a society, that not only has forgotton about prisoners, but condemns you for ministering to the prisoners! I recommend INPM to families or friends of prisoners. If the answer you're looking for isn't found here,then you can rest assured, that there's no answer to be found. I Praise GOD for you!

2006-08-06 08:56:32
God is with us on this.

Tiffany Nordahl

2006-07-10 00:58:18
Just found your site, wow! Incarcerated husband (due out 3/07) and I hope to start a prison ministry and looking forward to learning all we can from this site. Thank God for resources like yours!

Maureen Saulsberry

2006-07-04 23:00:58
Believers on an Indian Reservation in South Dakota need prayer for the mind of Christ in developing a re-entry ministry for returning youth. Thank you for your ministry.

Chris Stewart

2006-06-24 13:47:16
Please pray for lost souls.

Pastor Danny Allen