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2006-06-24 12:42:15
I am praying for your ministry. Please pray for the christian prisons in Pakistan specially for those are in prison under the muslims fundamental and terrorism laws.

Your prayer parnter,
pastor Ishaq F. Khokhar
Abundant Life Ministries & church

Pastor Ishaq F. Khokhar

2006-06-24 10:29:11
Hello! This is my first time at your site. I thank you for your ministry. May God Continue to Bless You and this Ministry.

Tori Smith

2006-06-16 17:08:20
This is my first visit to your site and it is quite helpfull. I am praying for all the Prision Ministrys as I know how important they are. I was save in Jail in 1992 and went on to recieve my ministry license. If I can ever be of any help let me know. I thank God for having prison ministrys all over the USA and beyond.

God Bless,

Rev. Allan Holder
1501 Oak
Abilene, Texas 79602

Rev. Allan Holder

2006-06-13 09:16:09
I am apalled that you have allowed the old Catholic Church of Great Britain as a member, it does not speal well for your vetting process, the so called church leader gary martin beaver is a well known fraudster who uses the internet to ply his trade, at one time he was selling fake titles, and membership of fraudelent orders of chivalry, he also duped suppliers in the U.S.A into supplying goods and then not paying, he is a nasty evil man and has swindled many decents people, this is a matter of record, I can supply you with all the evidence and court records, I must also warn you that if you go aginst him he is a wicked enemy who will stoop at nothing to obtain his revenge, I can also supply full details of what he tried to do to my wife anf family also I can provide full details of the british police who are involved, he operates the church from a box number and constantly moves around to avoid legal papers being served on him if you submit his name to a search engine like google you can read what some of his victims have written his church is only on the web, he creates the illusion that its part og a larger group but that is false its just another scam, if you wish I will be more than happy to provide contact details so you can see for youselves, you really have allowed the devil amongst you,
Fr Brian Van-Dungey
Anglo Orthodox Church, England

Fr Brian Van-Dungey

2006-06-06 23:25:42
This is to "GB Wisdom".... If you are the same "GB Wisdom" that I have known, for over 10 years, from the St. Robert/Waynesville, Misouri area, Please contact me, via E-Mail....I am looking for some important information, That she would have access to...

Thank you very much & God Bless,
Margaret De Vido

2006-05-12 21:33:54
God bless you all from Chicago, il although I never been to prison my brother has for many years, he tells me that what prisoners need is love, compassion. There is alot of hurting people lonely in jails.


2006-05-07 15:39:25
Hello again:
We are also looking for a Prison Ministry Eduicational School. Hoping to locate an "Online" Program.

Any Suggestions????
Thanks again
Bill Smith

William H. Smith

2006-05-07 15:31:47
My Wife and I have been involved with the Walking Your Faith Prison Miniostry for about
5 years. We found your Web site and decided that perhaps it would be a good idea To learn
more about your Network. We are expanding our program to the 14 Sate Correctional Institutes in the state of New Jersey and need a resouce that will assist us in our work.

Witing to hear from you soon.

With God's Blessings
Pat & Bill

William H. Smith

2006-04-24 11:27:22
I am ex convict that love the Lord I was saved in prison and have been off parole for a yr on May 12th 2006 ..... Prison not only saved my life it saved my salvation I know where I am going and it feels great ! I want to get involved in Prison ministries and not sure how to do this .... My daughter was killed in auto accident at the age of 17 and my nephew died at age of 18 in his sleep cause of death unknown by the docs , I know the cause is because my Lord and savior needed him more than we did ..... God Bless You all !

Dave McClure

2006-04-21 02:28:49
Your ministry is just fantastic. Praise God for that. I would love to help by referring you to a great ministry fund raiser that I've found and proven to be excellent. I am a full time missionary to China. God bless you all at prison ministry.

Mel Tambura