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2005-05-29 17:56:58
May God bless the people who created this site! It is a need for the inmates and family.

Sis. Angela

2005-05-28 04:45:45
Wow! cool site, nice design! lots of usefull information! will visit it often!:)


2005-05-26 17:15:56
I must admit that I found this site by mistake but this is a great site!!! I wish more people will invest their time to build sites like this one. Thank you.

2005-05-19 22:41:23
I am glad to be back and to see that the Prison Ministry Network is still going strong. With millions of people incarcerated in the United States, this tye of ministry in invaluable.

May God bless.

2005-05-12 05:46:29
Wow! cool site, nice design! lots of usefull information! will visit it often!


2005-05-09 20:29:35
What a great site! One of our students, an inmate located in Louisiana, needed help. We found a ministry that would help her in less than 5 minutes. We hope folks will find us just as quick if they are looking for a free Bible Correspondence School for inmates.

2005-04-28 10:08:21
Just stopped in to check you out fine sight keep up the good work i can remember back to my days of lock down and remembering how good it felt for the pastor came from the local church on Sunday and wensday it was like nothing else in this world after being there a while it was the only real contact you had to the outside world other then the ones comming in to work everyday. God bless Rev. Red

2005-04-18 11:32:45
Prayers and support towards this and other prison ministries is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for what you are doing to reach the lost and hurting in and out of prions. Christ bless you!

Jon David

2005-04-16 07:40:03
When I was 20 months old my father killed my mother, she died at age 21 in 1964. My mothers, mom took me and did the best she could being a alcoholic. I was abused alot as a child. I quit school 9th grade, got a job at a clothing factory,in south NJ. That's were I met a sweet lady, that for 3 months tryed telling me about Jesus.

2005-04-09 13:02:21
Iam pastor Ruhasha Dickson senior reverend Cornerstone Church of Uganda and i appreciate the work you are doing among prisoners. I too is preaching Jesus christ in Uganda Jails and prisoners are giving their lives to christ in year 2004 we received 120 souls,34 were released. Pray and support us.

Pastor Ruhasha Fresian Dickson