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Galatians 3:28 - There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

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2005-02-09 13:26:14
I am so happy and excited to know that this website is available. A true answer to prayer. God bless you.

2005-02-08 18:59:42
This is one of those, "I can't believe this happened to me" stories. I signed up with INPM on a Thursday. On Saturday I had a phone message from someone in my area who felt called to share his faith with others and found this website. He wanted to be a pen-pal for some of my students. He got in touch with one of them and ended up visiting him a couple of times. When the student got released last summer, guess who picked him up and gave him a ride to town - a 5 hour trip. His pen-pal. He also gave him $300.00/month for his first 3 months to help him get started. Does God work for good to all those who love Him, or what!!! Thanx INPM - You're a great resource Mike, Indiana Prison Minister

2005-02-08 08:05:23
INMP grows and improves over the years I have been involved, it is such a great help and blessing in the prison ministries and individuals who need support and information.
May God continue to bless and increase INPM and all of us doing the good works of the Lord Jesus. Thank you for this service. In Christ's love, Beth

2005-02-08 04:14:50
Am glad to be part of this great network and am praying for you all that have been called to this wonderful work in God's vineyard.Let us continue in this noble cause as we network allover the world and surely our labour in the Lord is never in vain.Gal.6:9 We here in Africa and inviting like minded ministries and individuals to partner with us.Thanks to INPM! Glory to God!

2005-02-08 01:34:41
It is agreat privilege to have part of INPM, I amso blessed to have linked with this ministry, God will bless this net work more than before what is my honest prayer is God use this net work to reach many inmates to bring them to the Lord.

2005-02-07 21:52:24
God Bless all of you who are living Luke 4:18 lives. I am involved in a prison ministry in Minnesota and get great inspiration from reading of others involvement! May the Lord use us all to bring many to him! Steve Farrell

2005-02-07 12:15:34
Praise the Lord for the prison ministries!

2005-01-23 13:22:54
I worked for 10 years as a chaplain Aide for the MCC in San Diego, California. I wish the best to all the inmates. Even if the prison is "nice" comparison to HOME.
Now I am looking for a prision ministry here in the Los Angeles California, Area.

Chao. Jose Luis Hernandez, M. Div.

Jose Luis Hernandez

2005-01-20 00:01:08
I just came across this website in search for my good friend Nina who is currently sitting at the MCC in new york. Being a good friend to her I wanted to see some photo from the MCC to get my self a picture and getting a feeling on how it looks where she is. I am my self living in Sweden (and Nina is Swedish to). But I just wanted to leave a trace back in your guest book letting you know that I am very greatful for the information on this site.

2005-01-18 17:18:45
What a Blessing to have found this site through "God Faith Ministries" wed site. I worked as an RN at a prison for a short time. I found so many inmates who were open and in need of God's Word. These guys loved to come to the Clinic when I worked. These guys were a blessing to me. They would openly talk about God, church services and ask questions about salvation. I loved it. What a wonderful opportunity to share God.