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Heb. 13:3 - Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoner...

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2005-01-07 01:38:20
My boyfriend is currently incarcerated for some things he did back in the early 90's having to do w/ drugs. He has been incarcerated for 7 months and this has been very hard. I don't see how you all have been able to handle waiting for 6 yrs or 22 yrs. I just couldn't imagine. I just want to tell you all how awesome I think you are that you stood strong that long.

2005-01-03 13:55:10
I have been looking for a site like this thank you very much for being here for allof us on tnhge outside with love ones inside god bless you all. Sincerly, Maryann

2005-01-02 23:43:58
I was surfing the internet Christian sites when I came across yours. My husband was in prision for 6 years (Federal) and accepted Jesus while he was there and has talked about helping those find God in there. May God bless your site.

2004-12-31 09:30:08
Dear folks, I was looking at websites and came across yours. I was blessed to see so many prison ministries and noticed that mine was even listed. Please note, though, that under Loving Hearts Ministry, my husband, Bear Morgan, went home to be with the Lord in 2003 due to a brain stem tumor. Bear had served over 22 years incarcerated and we traveled the world preaching the gospel. In His Love, Dove

2004-12-31 00:21:25
May God bless everyone for year 2005.

2004-12-30 19:05:47
May everyone have hope, faith, belief, and trust in God for the year 2005. God Bless all.

2004-12-30 17:38:50
Thank you for providing this excellent resource.

2004-12-30 15:46:36
I've recently transported some copies of *A Drug War Carol*, email from our NPM page. Would you like me to send the damaged copies to you to distribute to prisoners?

2004-12-29 13:09:22
Greetings everyone at INPM! I pray God's leading and blessings in your work in 2005!
May God give increase and much fruit for your labor. I am grateful for the work you do in support for prison ministries.
In Christ's love, Beth

2004-12-29 02:09:27
We're new members of INPM and wanted to say hello and Merry Christmas. God bless you in the coming year as you support Christian ministries in the correctional institutions of the world.