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Psalm 142:7 - Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise Your name; the righteous shall surround me, for You shall deal bountifully with me.

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2009-11-07 15:04:43
I could not find any other way to connect with INPM to ask a question. My family is serving in Albania as missionaries. We have a friend whose sons are in Prison in Grevena, Greece long term. Is it possible for this young wife, daughter and mother to visit these young men in prison? Will the Greek government grant a visiting visa for this purpose? I can not find any information any where. Can you help me? Thank you! May God continue to bless your ministry at INPM.

Dawn Bishop

2009-10-28 22:51:19
Lost my brother at age 36 to alcohol and drugs. Two years later, I got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous. After 18 years of clean and sober, I started carrying the message into Folsom Prison. You never have to drink again if you don't want to, even inside. It is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I am not grateful because they let me out after visiting, I am grateful, because they let me in and I have a message to share. Thank you Father God!

Kevin A Miller

2009-09-24 17:09:06
hi my name is james i am reading your book when pigs move in and saw you on sid roth show i live at 5049 godwin blvd suffolk va 23434 i am a black baptist ministrie i believe i need your help i have a son in prisons have you ever been to va do know some one close me that i can contact my home phone # 757-255-2262 my cell # 757-377-8119 . i have been trying to deal with demons myself please send me any info you can thank you in jesus name james albert bryant sr

james albert bryant sr

2009-09-22 09:12:59
I am an ex offender trying to find transitional housing. Do I have to be a member of your operation to do this?

Russell Keith Overdirth

2009-09-10 00:24:06
I've served with gnjpm since 1994....and love it ! We have better fellowship in the jails than we do in church! I am thankful for the doors the ministry has opened for me.

Michael Ingram

2009-09-08 18:28:25
I am new to ministry and God has given me a gift, the ability to write. I have written a set of six prison ministry tracts, they are simple, straight forward and easy to understand, as is the simplicity of Christ.
I watched the you tube with brother Curly and can relate, as my husband and I also have a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a love for God.
I would love to hear from brother Curly and send him a set of the prison ministry tracts I have written. Where can I send them?
Always with the heart of Christ,
Heartsafield Ministry, Laurie M. Gagne

Heartsafield Ministry, Laurie M. Gagne

2009-08-27 05:44:19
Dear Sirs,

Being a proud Christian, I would like to share with you a very important s.ecret information:

1. The location of H.ell is finally revealed. It is inside the S.un.

Please read the following article (it is in Russian, please use online translator)

On December 25 (when Jesus Christ was born) the S.un is crossed by the "South.ern Cross".

2. The Cross.

The only true colour and form of the Cross is white +

The Bible set strict rules not to make any graven image and Jesus Christ said to take the Cross.

Switzerland followed these rules precisely and put the white cross + on its Flag and Coat of Arms.

And no world w.ars in Switzerland.

The white cross - white "plus" REALLY protects.

Print the white "plus" + (Flag of Switzerland and have it with you (in your pocket) and put it on the walls in your house and at the door, and have the white "plus" inside your car.

3. Health.

- Garlic

a) garlic cures almost all the v.iruses (eat garlic every day - better with honey and lemon),

b) rub garlic into your body EVERY day ( many v.ruses and bacteria)

c) always have with you a garlic (in the pocket, for example) along with the printed Flag of Switzerland (white +) - PROTECTS !!!

- "silver water" cures (put a silver spoon in the bottle of fresh water for the night), drink couple of glasses of such "silver water" every day,

- Green Tea CAN prevent and cure c.ancer

a) drink around two cups of green tea EVERY day, better with lemon (if you are not allergic).

b) never drink black tea.

- G.ambia President developed the natural an.tiviral H.IV treatment.

Contact him and buy

4. Evolution is a Lie

See more info at


I do not have the resources to spread this information worldwide, so I ask you to do the following:

- send this information to all christian resources in your catalogue asking to spread this information to as many people as possible,

- prepare a list of top major tv, radio, newspapers and send this information everywhere (IT WILL BE WORLDWIDE SENSATION !!!), do it anonymously, because many media belong to s.ata.nists,

- use all your knoweldge to spread this information in all the social networks,

- please prepare the text video with this information and pu it on y.o.utube with the provocative titels to attract sinners attention - "Hot Sex", "Scary Information", "Vagina Exam Not", ""Best Girls Not" etc. Use titles that are similar to the most viewed videos.

When the sinners will check this - they will find this text info (about the exact location of H.ell and the protection of the Cross - white +) etc.

Thank you.

2009-08-20 16:21:53
Thank GOD for your ministry! My son has been at NICI- Cottonwood, Idaho about 6 months. Two weeks ago I recieved a phone call from my son, He said,"Mom I am singing a new song now ,when I get home I will sing it at your church. That song is Amazing Grace, the chains are gone, I've been set free! Music to a mothers ears. I have been praying for this for years. If you had not been at NICI, only GOD knows what would have happened. Thank youand GOD bless!

Pattie Berry

2009-08-16 13:42:29
I just dropped by to let everyone know that we have changed our website and would like you to stop by and let us know what you think

John C. Mac Iver

2009-08-13 20:32:54

My name is Gabriel Gherasim and Id like to introduce to you my recently published work.

My book is called: "Happiness in our daily lives" and family going through the ordeals mentioned above.

Gabriel Gherasim