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Psalms 2:8 - Ask of me and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession.

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2007-12-14 14:22:52
It is in my heart to start a prison ministry through my church. I would like any information that you might have Thank you god bless.


2007-11-29 08:53:47
God has a plan that is for good and not for ill for all who call on His name. My prayer group, family and friends prayed continuously for my son to be delivered from his prison situation and Jesus did that and more. We are still walking out the repercussions of this story but God's magnanimous love and mercy lights our way on our daily walk.

Irene Profetto

2007-11-23 04:23:09
Back in the 2000 I was in prison in Calif., I would like to let others know how I found God and the way He change my life If theres some one or some place I can go to. I live in flordia. Thanks for your time and God bess all of you.

Alan Lorenz

2007-11-21 02:01:35
Dearly beloved and honoured Brother/Sister in the Lord. Sincere Christian greetings from India in our Saviourís Name. Our hearty welcome to Christian Mission Organizations, Gospel Ministries, Overseas Missionaries who have a burden to seek and save lost souls for our Lord Jesus Christ by conducting Gospel Festivals/Retreats/Training Courses/ Bible Classes/Seminars/Conferences/ Open Air Crusades in unreached areas of Andhra Pradesh.

John Benton

2007-11-09 11:47:26
You know I just want to Thank You with all my heart and soul. In my eyes I believe that I am witnessing John 17 in it's entirity right before my very eyes. You are showing me that all the years of my 3 sons being with held from me by their dad has been indeed a moment of God. To find my son Matthew serving a 63 sentence is very overwhelming, yet at the same time I can honestly say that I now know where my children are and I can here my Jesus saying " all thine are mine and all mine are thine, and I have not lost a one of them" this just rocks my world and stirs my soul up in such way that I know my Lord watches over me. Ya'll he also has shown me " Saul that became Paul" and I see this for my son whom the Lord did not forget and has brought them back to me and will raise us up in Him!! My heart is rocking in the arms of Christ and it has me at peace inspite of all that is happening. Thank You!!!
Love to All,
Matthew's Mom

Matthews Mom, Wendy

2007-10-29 06:52:38
Am so happ to God, for all praynig for us,t hanks. That is so many of Gods people who had anguish and feare. I Per Einar Jensen can understand, how these had that. I have fear and anguish in many yares. Jesus Christ come and make my free, and deliver my. Please pray for this people some have feare and anguish. Please pray for them by name. Tom, Torill, Jorunn, Gunnar ,Torill, Anna, Maren, Alf, Torill and Ken. God bless you. Josva. 1.9. rom. 8.39. Love from prophet Per Einar Jensen and Evangelist Roald Jensen. Norway.

Miracles & Healing Prophetic Ministry Norway

Evangelist Profet Per Einar Jensen

2007-09-30 16:41:24
I know the Lord is leading me to the ministry and that it will be in the prisions. I just found this site and I hope it will be a support to me as I start down this new path in my life.

Nancy Caffee

2007-09-18 15:32:40
I am a correctional counselor, photojournalist and a licensed minister. I have recently written a book titled: THUG MENTALITY EXPOSED. It is directed for prison ministry, in which there are numerous stories from inmates in it. It has received very positive reviews and is on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and many other on-line retailers. There are also ministry videos on this site, including an individual who tells about a near death experience, in which he went to hell. This video is titled "Tyrone Went to Hell", it has been very popular.

God Bless,

Rayford L. Johnson

Rayford L. Johnson

2007-09-06 23:47:27
Good Job! Keep on running and God bless you! Juergen

Juergen Schoefer

2007-09-02 10:23:18
This website will help convicts that have a problem with addiction. My son was murdered on June 19, 2006 in Dayton, Ohio while he was in the process of attempting to purchase illegal narcotics.

william david dice