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2007-10-18 00:08:39
Vanessa Cervantez
Please Pray for my Friends Inside in the TDCJ System Xavier Nunez, Jorge Alvarez and Juan Lopez, also Roxanne Alvarez, and in the California System Andre Ceniceros. Thanks so Much!!!!
2007-10-16 21:35:12
Susan Walker
Please pray for Ruben, Vincent and Anthony. I pray that these people will be saved. That God will indwell in their hearts, minds and souls, and will bless them with the holy spirt. Make a way for them to heal and disarm the enemy in their lives. I pray that someday they will become men of God.
2007-10-14 13:21:51
Jade-Kimberly Sterling
Dear all, Please do include Stephen Tandoh in your prayers today. He is awaiting to hear if he will get parole. He will know by the end of this month. He has now repented.
In jesus' name. Amen.
2007-10-13 22:19:50
Mike Davis
I am 26 yrs old/Addicted to meth 10 yrs. Please Pray!
2007-10-08 07:20:12
Evangelist Dare Smith
Hello everyone

I would like to invite all who would like to join us, in"An Indepth Study of the Scriptures " to our Prayer Ministry and would like to invite all who read this to join in our discussion forum as we go thru the Word of God searching out its truths..

Evang. Dare
2007-10-07 05:00:56
Pam Smith
for my son to be delivered from depression, for him to get a fellow Christian bunkmate, for his healing of finding blood in his stools. Thank you!
2007-10-05 06:10:25
mahmood malik
Dear Sir,
Greetings in Jesus name!

Do you have plans to launch your ministry in Pakistan? If yes! please respond.

Yours sincerely,

Mahmood Malik (Evangelist)
2007-10-03 08:33:37
Elaine Coggins
Please pray for my mother. Shes very depressed and alcoholic . She is in county jail for dui s
my mother has had a very hard life with abuse from men . shes been in 4 inpatient rehab centers been to jail various times .
2007-10-01 05:18:02
Pr Ssemaganda Lawrence Hope
Please remember 10 Ugandans that were arrested in china that were taking in drugs and they have been charged to be hunged but pray that this will be revised.
2007-09-30 17:24:35
Charlot Robinson
Please pray for my son that he will find the lord and be comforted and not spend the rest of his life in prison.
2007-09-30 16:57:50
Nancy Caffee
My Husband Heath finally got paroled after just about 1 year of being back in prison. A few days later he left the house and has never returned. I think he has stepped back into his old life and ways please pray for him that our Father would bring him back to himself.
2007-09-30 01:59:41
Eero Vahter
We have a spiritual meeting. To the meeting comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts and other people who are distress. We hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.
2007-09-29 02:17:00
Allie Morales
I would like for Sarah Montoya to contact me. I am a felon and I need her help. I am Spanish-speaking and wish to start a prison ministry for women. She has the same goal to serve this population. Thanks.
2007-09-29 01:56:54
Allie Morales
I need prayers and information from persons already ministering. I am a felon. I know God has called me to minister to Spanish-speaking female prisoners and to help rebuild their lives upon their release.
2007-09-25 07:22:40
Roberto Leiva
Brothers this mornig I'd like request pray for our ministry in Palmesola prison at Bolivia we really need it, and pastor Iver Mont. I thank you in advance. Acts 1:8
2007-09-19 12:44:49
Darlene Swanagan
I am an ex-convict in need of a job. I have my AA. I live in Richmond, VA. My rent is late. I want a job to take care of my son. I have good computer skills, and I am a fast learner.
2007-09-19 03:43:18
Julian Timofte
Please pray for ion from Moldavia who just came out of the prison. Pray also for valentina who have cancer also for julian that will have supernatural strength to minister and serve, teach , evangelize, pray in moldova.
2007-09-13 17:51:27
Brenda Hunter
Prayers are asked for our son. Hoping for continue blessings as he trusted the creator of us all. Looking forward to an answered.
2007-09-10 08:53:17
Missie Chako
Please pray for my son Timothy Pottschmidt to be successfully admitted into the honor camp program and for the Lord to strengthen Him right now. I am asking God for mercy on my sons behalf. Missie
2007-09-09 16:04:26
Caroline Kinmon
Please pray for my boyfriend Terry Cleveland who is doing federal time for drugs. He is a great man who made a mistake. Sincerely, C. Kinmon
2007-08-15 11:07:31
Nora Lopez
Please pray for my boyfriend SAMMY NIETO who has served 11 years of a 40 year sentence. He is begining his relationship with GOD and needs support to stay strong. He is in admin. Seg. He is up for parole in 2016
2007-08-13 11:37:57
Please pray for my husband's son that his soul be saved. He is in prison, a very disturb child, feeling rejected by his father and the world.
2007-08-13 07:06:35
Melanie McGriff
please pray for my husband Dontae McGriff as all charges against him were dropped but the parole board refuses to release him. He is a loving husband and wonderful father. Eventhough my husband is going through this horrible unjust incarceration; he has remained true and faithful to God.
2007-08-11 16:50:14
michael villarreal
please help me pray for my brother michael he needs everybodies help as well as gods so if you would help me pray for him god bless!!!!
2007-08-07 00:16:28
orlando junior
please, pray for Rogeria from Rio because she needs to get rid of depression and spirit of death in Jesus name, amen. thank you
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