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2006-12-26 15:03:21
Susan Custodio
Please pray for my 20yr. old son Jason who is housed at the notorious Twin Towers in L.A., that he finds strength, and may God keep him safe. Please pray for me as I attempt to reach out after many years of being estranged from him, that I will have strength to accept the outcome, good or bad.
2006-12-04 10:52:40
Vicki Stenhouse
I'm trying to find housing and a job for Felicia S. in Harrisonburg or Culpeper, Va, due to be released in Feburay 2007. She is a wonderful Godly woman and cannot return to her family. Please pray that we will recognize God's plan for her future.
2006-12-03 19:17:58
Rhonda Rowe
Upcomming Interactive Fundraiser @ CMU & Prison Ministry Banquet in Mt. Pleasant MI, SDA Church. Guest Speaker Tom Jenkins from Saginaw MIrecently baptized 3 inmates & has been instrumental in 20 inmate's participation in Bible Study. Please keep in your prayers.
2006-12-03 10:43:32
Eero Vahter
We have Christmas celebration to inner-city people. We ask that you pray that God saves, heals and renews a lot of people and that all go well.
2006-12-01 19:29:43
nancy rawski
We got a letter from our son today and it was a very long suicide note. Hee needs deliverance from extreme invovlement in the occult.His soul being saved is more important than anything else. I am grateful for your prayers.
2006-11-28 22:31:05
Hyacinth Bibit
The last stroke of my dad, Billy (Nov 1) affected his balance which includes the process of breathing. He can't breathe w/o the respirator. The doctor said that he will be reliant on the machine should he continue to live. As my father battles this, his own father died of the same case last Nov 14.
2006-11-28 05:46:56
heather Wages
In Jesus name please pray for Mundrall and his family and his kids. Please Lord speak to all of them and protect and support them now. please pray for mercy and that his good productive efforts be shown. Please pray for min amount of time and a blessing now.
2006-11-25 18:27:59
Gail McAllister
Please pray for my son, Casey . He is in Hamilton unit and his wife of 14 years has decided to divorce him before he comes home. He was looking forward to being with his wife and two young sons. He needs prayers to get him through these last 4 1/2 months and when he comes home.
2006-11-23 11:37:59
Bob Kaiser
God has been pulling this ministry to be more and more involved. Pray that He continues to give me the energy to carry the increased load, and sends helpers. "Where God guides, He provides." Pray for the provision of this (God's) ministry.
2006-11-22 07:24:21
Jynnifer Wolfe
Please, pray for my mother (Elizabeth). She is going through alot of problems with her brother & sisters. She's so kind and caring to everyone. But one of her sisters is trying to cause her alot of problems. Please, pray for my mom!!
2006-11-21 23:01:46
Kollu Vara Prasad
Pray for the special event at Central Prison's Visit in Vizianagaram City. Kindly pray for success of this event will be a blessing to all the prisoners in the Central Prison. We do have so many needs. Kindly support this ministry with your heartly prayers.
2006-11-14 08:42:33
walter sellers
well i just got out of prison and i am trying to find a job and a place to live but noone wants to help someone that is a felon. can you all just pray for Gods mercy, grace, and favor. i need God to help me right now. Thank you may God blee you the more.
2006-11-13 22:19:50
sara flores
please pray for my husband alonzo flores that he gets out of prison soon. and continues serving the lord. thank you so much
2006-11-13 13:55:33
James Sorrell
Psalms 122: 6-9
2006-11-12 15:41:29
Paula Alexander
My husband James is an ex felon. He has been told that although he has a CDL his past felony will keep him from working for a reputable company. He always wanted to drive truck. He was sick for so long and now is healed, life is much easier to live. Please pray strength and to find a job.
2006-11-10 13:10:13
kathryn varela
say a prayer for my brother ramon varela in corcoran satf. he is dieing of hep c theres not much more we can do for him here, its in Gods hands now.
2006-11-08 08:10:02
Bonnie Burns
Please pray for John who is in jail at this time. He has a terrible problem with managing his anger and does not know the Lordd.
2006-11-07 11:30:41
First Last
God, save my lost family and friends. Please say a prayer fro the captive soldiers in Gaza and Lebanon.
2006-11-05 03:42:32
Robert Nieves
Please pray for my brother Robert N, he is in Intensive care at a Hospital in New Jersey. They are checking for throat cancer. In everyones prayers. New beginnings in Christ.
2006-11-04 10:45:24
amber moore
pray for my relationship with my ex-husband. I still love him he molested our daughter and is now serving in prison(six years). He is working with the prison chaplins. I am also taking classes. The world tells me to move on but my heart tells me to work with him and forgive.
2006-11-02 11:15:25
Julie Jackson
Please pray for Martin Mosbach, he goes to court in Riverside County Superior on 11-3-06, please pray that he will be released. He has a good job waiting for him & I pray that he will be released & to live his life with the Lord in it.
2006-10-29 11:38:12
Irene Alva
Please pray for my husband he is in the Middleton Unit in Abilene, Texas he is only 29 years old and he was given 3 years. My children and I have been struggling financially and emotionally. My husband needs Jesus in his life please keep him in your prayers.
2006-10-27 22:42:33
Wanja Mbaka
Please pray for my husband Alvin. He is in jail for among other things committing Bigamy. He has received Christ while there. Pray for favor from man and God for him. Pray for God to provide bail money for him and provision for all, for a miracle and beleiving that he will come home soon.
2006-10-26 10:33:40
Nancy S
Please remember us in prayer concerning several issues in our personal life.
2006-10-23 08:20:07
Eero Vahter
I will help people who are suffering. This is the motive that I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God's grace.
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