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2006-06-13 20:49:23
Melanie Peterson
Please pray for Christopher Pittman. Please give him the strength that he needs to get through his appeal process. Lord, wrap Chris in your arms and comfort him during this time. He is just a child, and needs you so much! Please send a miracle for Chris!
2006-06-11 16:21:53
Nancy O'Geary-Smith
Prayers for my son's freedom, strength for our family to fight this injustice and to enlighten the legal system in the wrong that they do.
2006-06-10 15:21:20
kathy jefferson
I desperately need a car. My problem is that because of my past money problems, I can not find financing anywhere. I am believing in the Lord for an answer to this problem, but I am getting weary. Please pray for me to stand strong now and wait on the Lord.

Thank you
2006-06-10 08:19:38
Melinda Aronson
Pray for my son in Florida who is awaiting decision on a violation and possibly going to prison for the first time.
2006-06-09 13:05:41
Richard Scoyne
I've been out of prison since 1993 off parole since 1994 after 13.2yrs of a 7-14 sentence. Pray for my family broke up. Thank you for you prayers and time. Your brother in Christ, Richard Scoyne
2006-06-04 01:25:26
Eero Vahter
We have here in Finland a spiritual camp (06.09-06.11.2006). To the camp comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. We hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.
2006-05-27 09:35:57
Deepa Sathyan
Please pray for us to lead a happy married life together till our death.
2006-05-25 08:56:16
Jude Ofori
I want to you to help me to open your ministry in city.
2006-05-25 02:29:28
Eero Vahter
We have here in Finland a spiritual camp (09-11.06.2006). To the camp comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. We hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.
2006-05-25 00:53:19
V --
Could you pray for my uncle. He's in debt, has a drinking problem, and is causing a lot of heartache to the family, particularly my grandmother.
2006-05-24 15:15:53
monique leito
Please pray for my son Carl who has been incarcerated since August of 2005. He is facing another charge at present and he needs prayer.
2006-05-24 08:20:01
Greetings in His Grace you are doing agreat JOB.
2006-05-24 00:26:53
aris yedwart
Please pray to God exterminate any pray or curse come from any (moslem or evil spirit or spirit)against the spirits that hurting me and jesus servents because of these prayers and curses. Thanks a lot.
2006-05-24 00:17:54
aris yedwart
If there is any curse coming from any (moslem or evil spirit or spirit or person)to me please pray to god exterminate the curses which come from these (moslems and evil spirit and spirits and persons)to me and to jesus servents thanks a lot
2006-05-23 04:51:50
Birgimna Sam
POray perpertrators in Rwanda so that they may receive the gospel of hope and the genocide survivors in Rwanda.
2006-05-22 06:58:24
dennis silvernail
Please pray for ahmet sezgin, a chritian from turkey caught in a snag in immigration, incarcerated, trying to travel to meet his fiance to be narried coming before the judge today, Thank you!
2006-05-19 14:10:29
Rebecca Mora-Salazar
My husband Richard will be coming home after serving a a total of 11 years. He has been reborn by our Almighty God. Please pray that we have guidance to his adjusting out here. Please pray that we have strength and a beautiful new beginning. Thank you.
2006-05-16 21:09:18
Pearl Williams
Please pray for financial breakthrough for Marsha.
2006-05-16 15:57:09
John Sinks
Please pray for ny son john inthat he is about to be in prison. Pray that he comes to no serious harm and that he turns to the lord for a better life. Pnd pray for me too that i may become a better father.

Bless you all!
2006-05-13 15:14:35
gloria salazar
Request prayers for my son Larry who needs prayers to be able to cope with his illness and learn to lean on God Almighty for strength and courage. I love him very much and miss him.
2006-05-12 19:28:40
Please pray for my husband who is in prison he has been gone 2 years for a traffic accident! I I pray to GOD that he takes care of him until we can be together, I am asking all of you to keep us in our prayers! Thank you so much!
2006-05-12 16:03:39
Evette Aitch
Please pray for my son Brandon and our family. I love you baby!!!!
2006-05-11 16:13:52
Samantha Quintana
I would like to pray for my fiancee, he is in a bad situation and he needs our Lord and savior by his side.
2006-05-11 11:11:10
Aris Yedwart
Please pray to God exterminate any curse coming from any moslem (that god choose them) against the spirits that hurting me (that god choose them). Thanks a lot.
2006-05-05 18:07:44
Marie Spence
Please pray for my husband and our family life and that GOD will put everything together for his glory.
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