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Matthew 25:40 - I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.

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2005-10-14 06:11:34
Grace Lewis
I pray that your sons will return home wise, willing and able to do good in the world.
2005-10-13 14:34:23
rebecca b
Lord, please give these inmates and others thats not in prison peace of mind and hope. Please let them have faith in you and themselves. Please let them be encourged and give them strength to go on day to day. Let them also know that they can do all things through christ that strengthens them.
2005-10-13 12:59:54
christine flaurr
my husband and father of 5 children is in a county jail awaiting trial. he had an accident with horrible consequences but is holding onto his faith. Please pray for him and us during this trying time. God bless
2005-10-13 09:51:03
roy roy
Please pray for GOd will talk to me in a voice that i could hear.thanks for your prayer
2005-10-12 18:00:23
Rebecca williams
Please pray for my husband, Paul. He's in the parole review process right now. He's been gone for 4 years now. My kids and I need him home. Pray that the Lord gives him the strength to stay away from the drugs this time.
Thank you,
2005-10-05 18:48:58
orlando junior
please,pray for community good samaritan from brazil because our members need deliverence
in every parts of their lifes in Jesus name. We need to get rid of devils in Jesus name. amem
our names: mercedez, marcos, natalia, orlando, jose, beth, roberto, bianca, beatriz...
thank you very much
2005-10-04 16:22:30
Tim H
I am facing a fight in court...For something I did not do...I ask for the People to drop the charge in Jesus name
2005-09-29 12:17:28
Mattie Strozier
That the Lord would send the right lawyer /jurors to my husband since we can't afford one and that he would be tried and sent home to me this year. That He would move on the Hearts of the Pardon and Paroles Board as well.
2005-09-24 00:22:23
lynn angel
my prayers are with all. it is said that this country has done what they have done for citizans , rather in prision or not. i have righteous anger about the state of affairs currently going on. God bless you all, and keep you.
2005-09-22 23:34:15
I am asking that a pray for my son Yannick Padilla. I ask that the Lord let the truth be told. That mercy and grace be given to him. Only a mircle can save him now. Oh please pray for him, In Jesus name I pray amen.
Thank you
Linda Grady
2005-09-21 02:04:24
Marjorie Arbuckle

I believe real name Yahweh. I know that next year will be 6th seals. I am deaf.
I thank to Yahweh warning me that for future happen. I am ready with Yahweh.
I praise to Yahweh.

2005-09-21 01:01:12
Lailoni menrad
please pray for my boyfriend Andrew Reyna
2005-09-15 22:41:40
Donna Roan
Please pray for my son Don. He's in prison for parole violation. Pray for his safty and for a host of angels watch over him till he's home. Thank You all and God's Blessing to you
2005-09-15 21:48:44
Cathy Harvey
Please pray for my brother, he's in prison for a parole violation, his name is Don, and needs prayers for his safety, Thank You. May Jesus wrap the white light around each and everyone of you!
2005-09-14 13:14:36
Donna Fournier
I contacted a website to adopt a family from the Katrina disaster and have heard nothing yet. Please pray that we get the family that the Lord would like us to have, and that we would hear
something soon.
2005-09-13 11:10:23
Judy Santhiapillai
Please pray for Fabian Niransan. He is in prison.He was saved in the prison. He believed the Lord for the release. Please pray for God's will in his life.
2005-09-11 19:31:07
Linda Lopez
i have a son in prison and his name is Jaime- -i am his mother- i pray that the Lord will help my son change when he comes out--that the Lord will take away his anger--he has always been angry and that had gotten him into a lot of trouble--pray for him please-- i am Linda
2005-09-07 15:49:01
Jackie Coffey
Please pray for my boyfriend who recently went to prison. Pray that God uses me, or sends someone else to encourage him to get saved and to straighten out his life when he gets out!
2005-09-05 12:10:41
garland Hunter, Jr.
Please pray for The Bridge Port Inc. reentry ministry.
2005-09-04 16:15:42
Elaine R
Please pray that I will be delivered from smoking those horrible cigarettes!
I have battled this habit for many years. !
Thank you so much,
2005-09-04 12:56:05
Elizabeth Turbee
Please add my son Jarrett to your prayers. He has been sentenced for a crime where he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am praying for a miracle. That he be released much earler than his 1/3 sentence time and be home for the holidays.
2005-09-04 09:26:58
janine walkere
Please pray for Bill Conger who is in the Alaska prison system. Pray that he will keep his faith!!!and that he will have someone to share his faith with. Thanks
2005-08-26 22:27:10
Sylvia Davis
I ask to have a prayer sent out to my husband Lyle and my brother inlaw Erik Menendez and to let them know that I love and care for them deep inside my heart and that God will always be there for them
2005-08-24 18:32:49
keri houston
Im wanting to write to prisoners and minister to them. I want to help them learn about God. Can you tell me any sites to where I could learn how to minister better That would teach me ways to teach for free? I really feel I should do this but every site i found you have to pay like alot of money.
2005-08-17 16:25:57
Petra Savelkoul
dear people,

Let us pray and dream again for what looks impossible for men but not for God: revival in prison.
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