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2005-05-12 18:32:38
Lisa Atkins
Please pray for my little sister who is currently in Dawson State Jail in Dallas. She has been assaulted, threatened and lives in constant fear. One of her tormentors stands outside the doors to the church so she cannot even go to church to pray. She has been in protective custody twice in the past 6 weeks. Please pray protection over her, and that she will feel and KNOW that God has not forgotten, nor forsaken her.
2005-05-11 11:57:58
Josie Fitzpatrick
Please pray for my husband in jail. Pray for his release according to Gods will for our life. He has been saved while in jail
2005-05-11 07:39:58
Kirstin DiNinno
Shannon, Rejoice with me today, for the Lord has heard your prayer and answered. Visit our web page today for his message of love to you and to your loved ones mentioned here. We offer up our praise and thansgiving to you, O Lord!!!!
2005-05-10 20:42:35
Shannon Duggan
Please help me pray to our Lord for my dear friends that are incarcerated at various prisons or are on their way there. They are all good boys who were influenced by peers and/or drugs and made bad decisions as a result. The "best" years of their young adulthood will be spent behind bars.
2005-05-10 07:35:34
Christine Lowry
We are getting ready to remodel the chapel at Gorree in Huntsville Texas. We are looking for Christian carpet layers who can help us with this project. Also we are in need of additional funding for this project
2005-05-10 07:20:32
Pam Roberts
I have an URGENT prayer request for my son, Danny JR.! PLease pray that God will allow the truth to come out in this terrible situation! If the truth comes out in this, my son will be free from those prison walls that hold him. If the truth doesn't come out in this, he will have to spend 15 years in there for something that he didn't do. Also please pray for his protection, mentally and physically. Also please pray for his salvation.
2005-05-10 05:25:24
Paul Wang
Though it is my side business, but second to none of its importance-- international trading business. May Lord glorify Himself via its establishment. Jesus is my big Boss, be loyal to His commission, and tell me what and how to do ! Treat me with His riches and generosity.
2005-05-10 03:50:26
Max Redbeard
Please pray for my daughter Helen.
2005-05-09 16:29:21
alba hedrick
Please hold my sons up in prayer both are in prison in North Carolina; thay know our Lord and savior but have not followed his will may god bless and keep you all safe
2005-05-07 22:47:32
Hollie Neth
Please pray for peace in my fiance's heart as he is having a hard time adjusting to prison life. Please pray that God will have his hand on Paul and my relationship and that he will use us and our testimony's to lead others to christ.
2005-05-07 16:36:25
kerri canter
Please pray for my sons father who is once again incarcerated. his name is roger kolling pray that his new found faith remains
2005-05-07 10:31:20
Please pray for the salvation of inmates in Cameroon. they are going through deplorable spiritual condions. pray for God to touch the hearts and minds of christians to pray and witness to inmates
2005-05-04 18:58:52
jennifer bing
Please pray fora relationship to ocntinue and to result in love ahppines etc
2005-05-02 13:40:21
Petra Savelkoul
Thank God for this opportunity to ask you for prayer for my dream of revival in death row prisons. Please, pray with me for all inmates, their families, their guards, the people in Court and people in Politics. I asked the inmates who correspond with me to pray with me for this dream of love, peace and freedom. Freedom and love start in our own hearts.
2005-04-30 16:10:18
Sandie Hamilton
For God to lead me to those women in prison in Okla. that have become christians and need discipleship/mentoring as they transition back into society
2005-04-29 19:31:26
jennifer bing
please rpay for a relationship to ocntinue and to work out and to result in lvoe ahppines setc
2005-04-29 17:04:38
Eileen Harrison
Please pray for my husband, Bret, who is at the Jordan Unit in Pampa, TX. Bret has never been in any trouble before this. We have 4 children (9, 7, 3 & 19 mos.) he is up for 1st parole 8-22-2006. Please Bless us with his release and protect & guide him & our family until his return.
2005-04-28 17:55:39
trisha proiette
My boyfriend is going to court on May2,2005. Please pray that they will put him into a rehab facility were he can get the help he needs.His name is carmine moffo. He is a really great person and I need him him to come home safe so we can start our life together.
Thank you.
2005-04-27 21:18:02
Ora Williams
Ny son is going before the parole board and I ask your prayers for him that he have a favorable decision. I see a changed young man going before them at this time. He has been incarcerated for 5 years and I feel that this has been a time that he has used to get in touch with himself and also to find out just how much God loves him.
2005-04-27 14:08:11
charles fred
please pray for me that i would have job which will satisfy me and alos make me grow also people at my present work place have insulted me a lot and there is lot of burden on me and my mom please pray for both of us.charles
2005-04-27 13:14:32
donna chilcutt
please pray the safe return of my son billy moritz he in centrailia corection center in Il. he will be release on may 29 2006 thank you so much donna
2005-04-26 21:16:09
Cathy Haynes
Please pray for my son Jimi who has been arrested 22 times for burglary, petty theft, etc he is not using drugs but he is addicted to stealing he is 19 it seems as though no one can help him. he is in the Theo Lacey facility in Orange county too far away for anyone to visit. He wants tochange he knows the Lord and has had a relationship with him for many years but he is inslaved in his sin. Thank You,
2005-04-26 15:11:33
Janet Fiebiger
Please pray for my 13 year old daughter, Gabriella, she is under going testing for high blood pressure and cysts on her ovaries. I know by His strips, she will be healed. Amen!
2005-04-26 15:09:02
I am for the parole board in the state of Texas that they will be guided by Jesus Christ in all decisons that are made. I pray that God's will be done on all parole board desicions. I pray for protection for my husband and for grace and understanding for him, our children and our marriage
2005-04-25 16:34:57
Deborah Moran
Please pray that my husband Michael gets into the Christian "New Directions" program at the county jail. He is on a waiting list. Pray a spot opens up very soon. Thank you.
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