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2005-02-22 13:51:29
debby barnes
Please pray that my husband will continue to keep his faith and be strong. doc moved him to far away from home for me to visit.
2005-02-22 03:30:48
ROY --
2005-02-18 19:09:12
Hollie Neth
My fiance Paul was just sentenced to 105 months in oregon state. Althoughnhe has a great attitude and outlook on the situation I fear that prison may change him for the worse if he doesn't have a close relationship with God and support from his friends and family. Please pray that God will touch all of our lives and give us the strength and courage to face the long road ahead.
2005-02-17 17:15:40
sirah isbell
Please pray for my daddy, he is doing 5 years, he needs to at home with me, my mom and my little sister.
2005-02-17 17:12:37
kim isbell
for my huband shawn
2005-02-17 14:30:47
Valarie Ross
I would like prayer for my friend who is in prison. She is 23 and a Christian and was just sentenced to 13 years. She has been having a hard time, shes angry with God and is slipping back into old habits. She loves God and people and helps spread the good news in prison. Please pray that she will be strengthened and continue to trust in Gods plan for her.
2005-02-16 06:31:32
Albert Johnson
Please prayer for Albert Johnson Family. The family miss him so much. He has never been away from his family. He has a Daughter 12 and two sons ages 5 and 6. He is the motivator of the family without him being around the family feels empty. Prayer for more strenght and love of Jesus Christ without him we are nothing. We love you and thank you in advance for your love in prayer.
2005-02-15 15:33:00
Please help me pray for my husband Tyrone Burton. we miss him alot especialy know that he is having a difficult time with his health. we love you and miss you hope you come home safe.
2005-02-15 09:15:58
Maribel Martinez
I would like to ask for a prayer for my brother Juan Carlos Martinez. The whole family misses you and your little girl needs you so does Adriana. Please pray for him so he can come home soon to his family, the whole family would be so thankfull for your prayers. Most importantly pray for his safety and health may nothing bad happend to him wile being in jail.
2005-02-11 14:28:43
lynne thomas
I'd like prayer for a Candace Bartelle...I know spelling isn't right but everyone at Marysville knows her. She is retarded and in solitary confinement almost always. She acts according to her mind's capability. She needs compassion and a different facility but can't act for herself. She is made fun of and then gets in more trouble as she isn't the adult others are.
Please pray for her.
2005-02-10 21:44:59
Carlos Guariglia
Meu pai tem um gênio desgraçado, é um arrogante, diz que é de Deus mas briga à toa. Diz que só ele tem batismo no Espírito Santo. É artista plástico, seu nome Cypriano Guariglia. Vive falando de expor suas obras de arte, mas não sai do lugar. Não converso com ele de jeito nenhum. Se alguém quiser ore por ele.
2005-02-10 19:29:22
A Orrantia
Prayer for every imate that is in prison, that they may seek God & fear not man but God, that they may repent and give God all the glory & praise
2005-02-10 00:31:18
Carolyn Williams
Please join us in prayer for the finances to Nigeria in October 2005. We have the opportunity to minister in 5 prisons there and to train local prison ministries in setting up schools in those prisons. The airfare and accomodations are very expensive for travel to that country.
2005-02-09 23:11:49
Angela Johnson
Please pray for my fiance and father of my child. He was sentencedto 10 years for poss. of marijuana. He is currently at Milan Sate Prison. He is going through a rough time because he has missed the birth of our first child and has not been able to hold her since her birth. She is now 6 months old. Thank You
2005-02-07 17:46:37
Bruce Radzwion
Please pray for my dear friend, inmate Nicole Bradley, who is waiting on her appeal, which we pray she wins. She needs to be home. Thank you all!!
2005-02-05 17:56:58
Jacqueline Ahumada
I would like to ask that you please pray for me and my husband. His name is Jesse. He has been sentenced to 9 months at bartlett state jail. He is having a very hard time with this. He will be getting transfered to california when his time is up at bartlett. I ask that you please pray that any evil that is being planned against him, to be distracted. My husband has had a death threat put out against him in CA. Thank you, Jacqueline Ahumada
2005-02-05 15:57:12
Nancy Monroe
I have a friend in prison, pray for prisoners.
2005-02-03 17:50:31
ron griffin
Please pray for my brother in law, Gerald Roth, and his family after his death at the midstate prison in marcy ny - he passed away of an apparent heart attack at the age of 43 on 2/1/05 thank you ron
2005-02-02 07:55:06
William Henson
I need prayer that I get custody of my children. On February 7th, we go to court to battle out the custody and I do not have an attorney and can not afford one. The state of Connecticut has given my wife’s ex-husband custody of their daughter because of the psychiatric report that STATES my wife is unfit to be a full time mother because of her abusiveness let alone her temper. I am a Christian and am putting this in then Lord’s hands.
2005-01-31 14:53:55
James Robinson
Ask the Lord to make me whole.
2005-01-30 22:06:59
Min. Alicia Wade
Please pray that my friend will be granted parole this Augut. He has been to the board twice before, and was denied. He has been incarcerated 20 years, no one was killed,please pray for God's divine favor in this hearing. Min. Wade
2005-01-29 12:07:54
Gena Maldonado
Please pray for my husband that the truth will come out and set him free. That the persons who did this to him will see the error in there way and the vingance and hate isn't good for them.
2005-01-28 23:37:25
Nolia Rembert
Thank you so much for your concerns about people like me who really need help and prayer,

Please pray that God will continue to save my family as well as free my husband. Pray that God will continue to heal my body, mind and soul. Pray that God will keep me for His will and His Glory.
2005-01-28 17:26:00
Pam Roberts
Please pray that God will allow the truth to come out in this terrible situation! If the truth is allowed to come out in this, my son will be free from those prison walls that hold him. If the truth doesn't come out in this, my son will have to stay 15 years there for something he didn't do. Please pray that God will allow the truth to come out in this situation.
2005-01-26 14:42:41
Theresa Marchiano
I want to send out a pray to all the family memeber's especially Mother's who have to live everyday knowing that the child they love and have carried for nine mo nths is in jail or on drugs. Mostly because they donnot know the Lord or have fallen away. Lord give these families the strength and courage to face each hard new day. I pray for the joy of the Lord to fall apon them and peace and hope fill their homes, In Jesus name I pray.Amen
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