Caring for Ex-Offenders in the Caribbean

Caring for Ex-Offenders in the Caribbean is aware that the provision of effective aftercare for ex-offenders can be a daunting task for many.

Consequently, we remain committed to work alongside all faith-based groups, State agencies and communities in the Caribbean to train, develop and implement culturally appropriate aftercare for ex-offenders throughout the Caribbean region.

Philemon 1:15-16 "...receive him (an ex-offender) forever... as a beloved brother..."

Who We Are

We are the Caribbean affiliate of the UK charity Caring for Ex-Offenders (CFEO) which began as a result of the growth of the Alpha course in prisons all over the United Kingdom. CFEO links offenders with a church upon their release.

The CFEO model was introduced in the Caribbean in September 2008 at a Caribbean Alpha Conference held in Trinidad and Tobago. The organisation was registered in January 2009.

Our Vision

Worldwide, the increased use of incarceration has led to the imprisonment and detention of over 9.9 million men and women (as of Sept. 2010). Forgotten by the wider society, more than 90 percent of those incarcerated will some day return to the wider community. Where organizations and churches are ready to help in practical ways, the likelihood of individuals re-offending is greatly reduced, thereby creating a safer society for all.

Types Of Activity

CFEO runs Alpha courses in local prisons and juvenile detention centers. We work closely with other agencies to refer ex-offenders to housing agencies; employment agencies; churches; local police; probation services; health services among other service providers. We identify, train and support a pool of volunteers involved in the resettlement of ex-offenders.


We provide moral and spiritual literacy programs, mentoring and post-release support for young offenders in Trinidad and Tobago. We also partner with the State and other non-profit organisations to provide training for faith based groups in the safe support of ex-offenders.

Our magazine (newsletter)

CFEO publishes an online journal which is available from the Blog link on our website.

Books we have published

We utilise manuals and handbooks for our volunteers and adapt to our local and regional context resources for working with offenders and ex-offenders. We do this with permission of international partner agencies.

About Our Prison Ministry

Caring for Ex-Offenders (CFEO) works with statutory and voluntary organizations to reintegrate ex-offenders back into a welcoming and supportive community of faith.

Our network of support agencies involved in the resettlement of ex-offenders include those which specialize in the key areas of life for returning offenders, such as housing agencies, employment agencies, education providers, faith-based organizations, medical and legal aid providers.

Support In

The growth of CFEO in the Caribbean, God's purpose to be established to unite the churches, train their members and change the attitude of Christians towards ex-prisoners as well as crime survivors and their respective families. As we work with CURB to establish mentorship and aftercare systems for ex-offenders in Trinidad and Tobago, please pray that the Lord shall grant us favour with all concerned and that no weapon formed against the will and purpose of God shall prosper!


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