Conway Freedom Prison Ministry

We write to the inmates on a one to one level. We work with the families to encourage them during this time of the inmate's incarceration.

Psalms 142: 7 - Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name: the righteous shall compass me about; for thou shalt deal bountifully with me.

Who We Are

Our ministry started in 2002. We started sending Christmas cards to 14 inmates in the Wichita Work Release, in Wichita , Kansas the IFI program. We went from 14 to fourteen thousand inmates as of 2009. We work with the families of the inmates that are from our village.

We attend the Galena Bible Church here in the village. We want others to see the need to come to to work with the Native Alaskans. We know that GOD is blessing our ministry here in .

Our Vision

To be able to have others see the people as we do. The kindness in their hearts and the close family values that are still very active here in Alaska. We want to have more inmates in our ministry. We want others to share our joy with working with the inmates.

Types Of Activity

1. We write letters to the inmates.
2. We send out birthday cards to the inmates.
3. We send out Christmas cards to the inmates.
4. We send out a ministry letter to our new inmates.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Newsletter is once a year for 2011.

About Our Prison Ministry

1 We send out Christmas cards and presents to the children in our village of Galena, Alaska.
2. We send out Christmas cards to the assisted living center here in Galena, Alaska.
3. We help families in need with clothing and food in Galena, Alaska.
4. We help the families of the inmates with encouragement and prayers.

Support In

We need more inmates to correspond with.
We need other ministries to share our inmates information with.
We need people that want to be pen pals with the inmates.
We need additional materials to send to the inmates.
We need more financial backers to help with the postage.
We to send to the inmates.


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