Craig Moss Ministries

We are a Juvenile Detention Ministry, that also ministers to Churches, Christian School Chapel Services, Street Preaching etc.

And of some haue compassion, making a difference: And others saue with feare, pulling them out of the fire: hating euen the garment spotted by the flesh. (Jud 1:22-23 KJV-1611)

Who We Are

On October 1 of 2004, our family gave up our home and set out on the road in full time ministry, to reach America's Youth. We have taken our ministry into various fields, such as: Churches, Chapel Services, Streets etc. focused mainly on Juvenile Detention Facilities. Since we set forth to the work, we have been blessed to see over 650 youth saved (as well as 1 counselor & 1 Psychiatrist). We have successfully helped 4 ministries get setup in Juvenile centers .

Our Vision

Our vision is to see America's youth evangelized. We believe that revival is not only possible, but it is realistic, and that it will come through America's youth! Our goals are to preach the gospel to America's youth, when ever and where ever we have an open door!

Types Of Activity

We preach the Word, Distribute Bibles when available, Counsel via mail, Help other ministries get set up on a regular basis in their local facilities, Help the youth locate churches near their home where they can go and grow closer to the Lord and farther from the world.



Our magazine (newsletter)

Newsletters are electronic, and freely accessible at our sebisite.

About Our Prison Ministry

We have received several letters from young people thanking us for giving them the truth!

Support In

We are a ministry that operates via monthly financial support and love offerings. Please pray for us in that area. Please pray for us concerning a Motor Home or a Pull behind travel trailer at least 33 feet long and able to sleep 5.


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