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I was saved in prison over 20yrs ago was a gangbanger in one of my state biggest street gangs it was someone coming in and making themself accoutable in my life that drew me to Christ for Jesus said I am know confined to wheelchair paralized from waist down but Im out there daily sharing Gods love to all trouble youths single parents gang bangangers, homeless hookers, drug addicts whosoever will listen.

2 Cor. 5:17 - Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

Who We Are

We are a inner city outreach to gang bangers troubled youths and also whosoever God sends our way to share His love.We try to get youth we have been working with in prison in good aftercare some to teen chanledge some where no where to go into a loving Christ centered family.

Our Vision

To stop that revolving door effect prison holds on so many men and women who are in and out and the only way out is by the Love of Christ we show by examples taught by Gods word and show them that. They never have to go thru those door again unless they want to,and be called of God to share what He did for them how the son Jesus Christ has set them free for those whom the son set free are free indeed.

Types Of Activity

Showing them that being a christian does not make us sinless but makes us want to sin-----less.that its not just talking the talk but waling the walk and to make sure that upon there release they take Jesus with them and try to get a local church to get them to come to service


CT. and we are praying to get into a youth center in Masss.

About Our Prison Ministry

It's new to me but God lead me to it and told me He would use me thru this ministry for I truly desire to be a servant of God only and He knows my hearts desire is to teach these people in prison to worship Him in spirit and in truth as God truly desires to be and calls us to.

Support In

Being a disable vet served during nam era I lift up all nam vets who need Christ who are now in prison the numbers are outragous. I am also a single dad living wIth sole custudy of a 13 yr old boy that God continues to teach me to be the father I never had in my life. And for our world leaders and church's who are now getting away from true worshipping in spirit and truth and preaching what people ears are itching to hear.


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