His Highest Praise Prison Ministry

Pastor Tatau and Wahine Rameka of New Zeland and the team are committed and completely dedicated to preaching, teaching and disciplining. Crossing cultural barriers because of having Christlike attitudes.

My God will supply all our needs according to His abundant riches in Christ Jesus

Who We Are

Since 1975 we have been touching the lives of inmates with the powerful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Taking church services once a month, testifying, preaching and singing continues to draw the inmates to Jesus. 1999 we stopped going to the prisons because of a law change. A great number of supporters who would come with us to the prisons were past inmates.

Our Vision

Knowing without a shadow of doubt that we who are in this ministry are united in spirit and in truth, and that what soever we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, will be so. Jesus encourages his children to call unto Him, make known to Him and He will answer. Truth Trust and transparency are always current goals that we focus on every day. Knowing that the Master walks and talks with us.

Types Of Activity

My wife and I are now able to visit any prison in New Zealand. At any time, providing we give the prison staff 24 hrs notice of our intention to visit the prison inmates. In New Zealand they have set aside what is called a Kaiwhakamana, a Government authorized person with full privileges to visit any prison in New Zealand. This is besides our usual team ministry. We can now teach the Bible, teach languages and counsel inmates


Because we have moved to another town, we have been adjusting to our new environment with great anticipation. God is so good and truly ever faithful in blessing myself and my wife Wahine and our children with our own property where we don't pay fees of any kind, just property rates. This enables us to do full on ministry.

About Our Prison Ministry

We are a non-profit Christian team who serve the Lord in anyway possible that we know will bring glory and honor praise to His majestic name. We do not belong to any mainline churches and neither are we funded by any of them. We are a Maori Christian team.

Support In

Please pray for my wife and I (Tatau and Wahine Rameka and team) that we continue to bring glory and honor praise to the mighty and wonderful name of our Lord Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ King of Kings.


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