Ken Mainey Prison Ministry

My Website is aimed at helping the Holy Spirit to Minister directly to serving and released prisoners in the renewal of their minds, from bad earlier experiences, with life changing Christian teaching. The website contains 24 short individual 'talks' containing advice aimed at solving problems and queries specific to prisoners. We are all 'damaged goods' from bad earlier experiences and are 'serving time' within ourselves until Jesus sets us free.

Phillipians 1:6 - And I am sure that God who began the good work within you will keep right on helping you grow in grace until his task within you is finally finished on the day th…

Who We Are

I am retired after 5 years as a Prison Chaplain. My website is to help serving and released prisoners with life changing Christian truths. It has 24 short 'Talks' that can be read and listened to at the same time. Each contain teaching aimed at solving problems and queries specific to prisoners. A 'print friendly page' feature has been added following some Email feed back that some Mothers, Partners or friends have been downloading the short 'talks' and posting them to their loved ones inside.

Our Vision

My vision is for the web site to help the Holy Spirit to minister directly to prisoners and released prisoners while they are connected and exploring it. However, I am aware of the current poor access to the Internet by those locked away inside. I would also be very pleased if any Christian Radio Station would broadcast the short 'talks' as part of their outreach Prison Ministry.

Types Of Activity

I also look after the 'Prison Ministry' at United Christian Broadcasters here in the UK. This involves answering the regular mail we receive from prisoners and the distribution of parcels of our Daily Devotional book 'Word for Today' to the Chaplains in around 180 of the prisons here in the UK and Ireland. We also have around 800 individual Prisoners on our mailing list and in total send around 30,000 copies of the daily devotional into prisons each year.


No face to face contact with prisoners at present. I am however a trained member of our local Community Chaplaincy Project and as such I am currently matched up with a recently released prisoner as his mentor.

Support In

Please pray for those in prison, especially for those who have nobody already praying for them.


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