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Our primary goals is to reach each and every inmate as possible. Our goal to is teach and encourage each inmate to develop a personal relationship God. Once you learn the sound of your Shepard's voice you will be able to hear him speak to you. We are hear to help the inmates develop this with the Almighty God. We are here to let you know there is a second chance in life. We are here to invite you to share with us in brining someone to this land mark in there life.

Psalms 37 :4 - Delight thy self in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Who We Are

We are a Non- Profit , Jail and Prison Ministry developed to help inmates across the Untied States and Gobal. We have served the people for more than ten years. Our goal is to reach every hurting inmate possible in helping them to change their lives. Some of our staff here is experienced in spending time in prison and know the pain and need of others that have walked in their shoes . We specialize in you and your life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help each and every inmate that come in contact with this ministry, we are here to help you find your destiny in Jesus Christ, and become the person he created you to be. We focus on your needs in Jesus and then we bring you to the point in your life and help you set the tone in Jesus for your self and your life begins there; and there is no turning back, all the way in full force for the Lord thy God.

Types Of Activity

Bible Studies with Certificate , Intercessor Prayer Warrior on staff for your need 24 / 7 , seven days a week. We offer classes studing the 66 Books of the Bible . Teaching you how to become all that you can , growing and developing back into society. Need Clemancy , we will help you.


All prisons are in the United States and home base location is in Florida, we travel to other states such as Alabama, and surrounding.

Our magazine (newsletter)

We have newsletter once a month, publishing the inmates art work and inspirational writings plus their poems. The Lord has blessed me to be able to help assist in helping inmates do and get legal information to help them in many areas.

Books we have published

New ! Coming Soon " A Journal For Everyday Living "

About Our Prison Ministry

This ministry is designed for love of the prisoner and all of God' s Children. Through this Ministry we help all inmates showing the love of God. There is no greater love than that of Jesus Christ for all man kind. I had to remind myself that I was in prison and God remembered me, he came to see me and visited with me. Therefore I must be as Jesus . I made a faith commitment to God and to this day I will always be faithful to that in my Lord.

Support In

Pray that God keep his richly, and favorable blessing upon this ministry. God bless us with a new building and funds to open a home for inmates once they are released from prison. So many inmates return to jail or prison becasue they have no where to go. We are working to bring this to a STOP . Please keep us before God.


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