Making The Walls Transparent

Informal, one on one effort to improve the conditions of the nearly three million Americans behind bars. Specializing in telling the stories of the justice system's 'victims' via website.

MTWT has inspired "The Florida Lolits" (Little Ol' Ladies/Lads In Tennis Shoes), a growing and active group of families who deal with the prison system on a day to day basis.

II Timothy 1:7 - I have not given you a spirit of fear.

Who We Are

I correspond with between 2000-3000 prisoners, many in Florida. Work with grieving, worried family members and officers who admit prison reform is sorely needed.

God is my inspiration. Ever since He asked if I would do this ministry, He has lead me, guided me and provided for me.

Our Vision

I believe that the spirit of compassion and Love can be reached in nearly anyone, and I know that if the truth were known about the conditions two million of our citizens live in, it would not be tolerated.

MTWT's Vision For America:
Gentle in Nature; Bold in its Visions; Passionate in Spirit; and Enlightened in its Judgment.

Types Of Activity

Vigils; letter writing; build and maintain webpages for families on MTWT website; march in the manner of Rev. King; peaceful demonstrations, and presentations everywhere possible.

Speak at churches, radio shows, conferences, rallies. Encourage people to 'adopt' a prison, a prisoner, or begin a ministry in their church.


I have not been able to visit inside a prison, even though the prisoners have asked for me. Dept of Corrections has turned me down numerous times. My ministry is usually done via website, email, snail mail and phone calls, unless I'm on the road on my way to a committment..

Our magazine (newsletter)

Since this is a mission of Love, I have no funding nor grants. Therefore, one open letter at Christmas time is the only publication I can do, and that is accomplished only with unexpected blessings.

About Our Prison Ministry

The MTWT ministry is just me, God, and the officers, patients, families and prisoners I work with. I have no title, but this is what God has led me to do. I need so much help, but somehow God keeps me going far beyond belief.

Support In

Prayers are always most urgent, as the prisoners I deal with are in dire straits, family members are under great stress and officers are struggling with their spirits. I have a close relationship with God, but the energy of collective prayer is sorely needed.


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