Pastor Kayte Prison Ministry

We are a young prison ministry who's main objective is to reach everyone even the sinners with the word of God.

Psalms 51:13 - Then I will teach transgressors thy ways, and sinners will return to thee.

Who We Are

We are an education ministry dedicated to the education of all God people including the sinners. We would like to reach everyone everywhere with the word of God. So we reach out by writing letters to prisoners all over the United States, teaching the word of God.

Our Vision

We started out passing out tracts and now we are reaching hundred of prisoners. We hope to expand so that our small ministry will become a very large ministry, not just reaching hundreds but thousands. We also would like to reach the world's prisons, we are currently only reaching US prisoners, we recently installed translators on all our computers and are hoping soon we will be able to reach more nations with the word of God. Amen

Types Of Activity

We are building a free bible college and we are also writing hundreds of prisoners. We would like to reach more.


Currently we write to many prisons all over the United States, We write to anyone men and women, primarily those with longer prison sentences but will write to anyone. If you have a prisoner you would like for us to write please send the name and address of that prisoner.

Support In

Please pray for our finances that we will be able to continue to pay for mailing supplies, and postage. Please pray that all of the prisoners we are currently writing to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior and dedicate themselves to God and leave the prisons a changed person living only to serve God.


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