Tuesday Night Chapel

Matt. 25:36 - I was in prison and you visited me.

Who We Are

I started teaching a SS class at SCDC in 1974. It progressed into a weekly chapel service. With God's help, I have managed 12 revivals and many inmates have come to know the Lord through this ministry. I am a member of Second Baptist Church. The Minister of Missions open a way for me to have this ministry. I am more than 80 years old now and will stay in this ministry until God takes me home. Thanks.

Our Vision

I have about 18 volunteers helping me now. My vision is to get these and others involved in some kind of prison ministry. "The fields are white unto harvest."

Types Of Activity

We have the inmates (from 20 to 80 inmates) every Tuesday night. We start worship with praise singing. Then we have a time that the inmates can quote scriptures or say the books of the Bible, or give a testimony of their meditation on God's word. Then we have a preaching service (we rotate speakers among the volunteers). An invitation is always given. We take the first timers back into the rest room in the back and share Evangelism Explosion method to find out where they are spiritually.

Support In

Pray for the administration. Many are not sympathize with the program.


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