30 Do 15:His sentence breaks every chain

Prisons , Jails , Substance Abuse Treatment centers, The streets, Even Drug Houses have had my ministry witness to them . I've encountered atheist and helped one change his eternity. Glory to God. We are in Georgia.

"18 If the world hates you, ye know that it hated me before it hates you" John 15:18 INC


Who We Are

We are living proof of God's miracles and blessings. Living proof the storms do reap blessings if you keep the faith. We are many living testimonies .

Our Vision

As the founder of 30 Do 15 , my vision is unclear at this time due to th fact that I want God's vision for this ministry. I surrendered to Him long ago. My goal is to break the chains and help remove bondage to sin in prisoners and the youth as well. I ultimately want to help God's army rise up. SOULdiers NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Types Of Activity

Sermons, Testimonies out of this world, prayers and request, bible studies, singing, poetry, sending tracts and devotionals to inmates and facilities. Personal Inventory exercises bringing people faith and hope .


Hall County Ga
Gwinnett county Ga
(Surrounding counties ... wherever God wants us)
Al Burress CTC

About Our Prison Ministry

30 Do 15 is named after my fiances prison sentence. The whole ministry started during this time and him and I both changed our lives. It's a testimony I tell.

Support In

We would like to be uplifted in prayer as a ministry. Personally I need someone to pray for my significant other . He is part of my ministry but he is currently in prison. We know God put Him there to touch a life so we're faithful we just need a TPM or we would like one. It's been 3 years we haven't heard any news. So we keep sharing the Lord and keep faith. Please uplift our TPM sitiuation to the Lord . Thank you in advance


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