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2010-02-24 05:42:35
diane miller
that son adrian ray jackson come soon, also my friend pamela thomas. i need help with money, this ssi repayment of 16.000, that i don't have. but i pray that my god keep me in courage to do the next right thing. prayer my daughter deanna corsby, all my family be lifted to god, amen
2010-02-22 20:14:49
Carolyn Madison
Please pray for my son who is in prison and is NOT receiving medical treatment and has been very sick for over an year. Proverbs 21:1
2010-02-18 02:41:35
Chette Nichols
I and my church plant are currently working along side the Prison Fellowship at a penal farm in Palawan Philippines. Please pray for the Lord to supply. the Govt has no money or equipments to give the penal farm hospital to operate properly. The Prison needs God's divine supply for equipments.
2010-02-13 06:15:50
pirfa kumbin
pray for the divine fire of God almighty to guide and direct my life calling and ministry,pray for divine fire and breakthrough in doing Gods will..thanks and remain blessed pirfa
2010-02-11 10:01:47
Bonnie Hubert
My foster brother is serving time in a Missouri prison for a sex offense he says he didn't do. If he really didn't I would love for the truth to come out and he will be free. He is also looking for a pen pal.
2010-01-27 14:24:45
Bianca Brown
god please give robert dumas jr. the strength throughout his trials and tribulations and please please watch over all his children
2010-01-21 13:35:44
Carla Herd
Pleas pray for my son. He is in Jail waiting to go to prison. He has been invold with drug and such He was savied befor he turn his self in but needs lots of pray to keep the fath.
2010-01-21 10:05:34
Peter Jannetti
Please pray according to God's will for starting up an orphanage in Dominican Republic.
Pray God leads me to the right people and provides the resources needed.
In Christ,
Thank You
2010-01-19 21:27:22
Courtney Wilson
I want to ask you to pray for my family and my fiance Josh, who is currently in prison. Please keep him strong and safe and keep our children in the Lord's hands.
2010-01-13 20:46:34
Christine Hunter
Please pray for my son William David Hunter#1308220 that he will get out this year. He has been in prison at Cleveland Correction Center in Cleveland, Texas for six years or it will be six years in September but we are prayiing he gets out earlier than that.
Thank you:
Christine Hunter
2010-01-13 00:43:22
Nawala Nakashole
Please join me in prayer I am in emotional prison for suspected witchcraft. I am mocked everyday through anonymous mean with no freedom. I pray to be delivered from evil spirits and traps set before me and accept Jesus Christ to save me and to live in harmony with my enemies.
2010-01-12 23:50:47
randal leffler
please pray for me as i prepare to go to prison. i have never been there. i am a preachers kid and my only memory of jail is when i would go with my father to help with his service at juvenile hall. i would play my trumpet, i was much younger then. i do have a relationship with god. thanks rand
2010-01-12 10:03:39
Queen Ngcobo
I am passionate about preaching to the inmates especially youth and females I strongly believe that God want to bring the best out of every man He created. I believe that even inmates are still having the best to offer in the World.

South Africa
2010-01-03 10:03:51
pastor peter palani
Eden orphanage children home 21 children with our home, every month we are facing this problem. The provision of the orphanage children Please pray orphanage children's foods. Pastor.k.s.palani
2009-12-21 15:53:31
Sean o
Please protect me from Special Salvation and Satans Elite.
2009-12-17 14:06:06
Pamela Anderson
Pray for Randy and Pam Anderson,I will be going to a homeless shelter soon.Lost job!Randy is in jail.
2009-12-14 13:00:40
Jean Young
Pray for Allen and Angela to stay focused on God and not things of this world. Pray for Candice, Nancy, and other inmates for their chains of addiction be broken so God can change them and they will never have to worry about returning to a life of drugs, crime and prison.
2009-12-13 00:51:42
Jennifer Taylor
Please pray for my husband, Chad Taylor he is in prison in Arkansas. He has recently found the Lord and is dedicating his life to the Lord. He got mixed up in drugs and is trying to get his life back on track. Please pray for him to come home safe and soon.
2009-12-01 18:28:48
Eileen Carrillo
Please pray for my son that is incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. Give him and the family the strenght to get through this until the truth come out. Give his attorney the knowlegdge and commitment to bring him home.
2009-11-26 19:09:37
Kathy Sams
I have a nephew (Kenny)that needs prayer for protection, guidance, salvation and deliverance from fear. he is currently in prison for a non violent crime (burglary of an unoccupied dwelling - no weapon) but has been placed in the area with murderers and prisoners with life sentences. Thank You
2009-11-22 14:25:23
HOWARD Phillips
I am searching for help program for my brother John, he is bad need of help in right direction! He gets out of prison Feb? 2010 Please help!!!
2009-11-18 10:52:01
Kim Jakubowski
Please lord pray for my son. he has been in prison for a month now, and is very young and new to the system. Please protect him and keep him safe.
2009-11-12 18:45:21
Charyl Rocco
Pray God would grant my son Bryan a sound mind. He is in LA prison , far from home & family, for first time & is mentally ill.
2009-11-10 07:27:08
sue williams
Pray for my son, Joshua Williams-sweet kid, did stupid thing while taking pills.............his life is ruined in Broward County Florida. Just ruined. No books, just cement blocks.................please pray for him. He is sooooooooooo sweet, musical, beautiful voice.....................thanks!
2009-11-09 15:49:13
Glenda Perich
Please pray for my son Tim Adkins. He has been in the Clayton County Georgia jail since July. When & if he gets out, he has no where to go. He has lost everything. If some Christian man could go and have prayer with him or just talk for a few minutes. Just please pray pray pray. Thank you
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