The Dismas Magdalene Project, Inc.

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

Unique, National In-prison Catholic Outreach in support for Catholic incarcerated men and women in the States of Tx,Pa,La,Ok,Fl - other states welcome. High energy Catholic Retreats. Fraternity/Sorority followup. Re-entry and aftercare assistance.

Our Vision

St Dismas Chapters for Catholic men, and St Mary Magdalene Chapters for women, could begin in any Prison/Jail Unit: State-wide, or even World-wide. The hope and unity they bring is highly encouraging, and they practcally are self-maintained. Call for info. Write for a start-up-pack.

Types Of Activity

Daily Prayer and devotionals; weekly small group support meetings/prayer; intercession for selves, family, victims, and CJ professionals; weekly Catholic Communion Services; Mass and Confession as often as is possible in prison; teachings/growth sessions toward responsibility arenas. Victim restoration measures.


Tx,Pa,La,Ok,Fl Prison and Jail Units that have Catholics Chaplains and/or Voluteers to pilot the project. Other States are welcome to inquire about a start-up-pack.

Books we have published

Book: "A New School of Prayer" 22 thought-filled chapters describing fresh, new scriptural rosaries on the public life of Jesus: The Miracles, The Parables, The Prayerlife of Jesus. By Deacon R.R. Leicht, Jr. Ecclesiastically approved as public sacramentals. $23 + shipping. Use email

About Our Prison Ministry

Bishop Joseph Fiorenza of the Galveston-Houston Diocese has given verbal "Go ahead" to develop this project "for the Hope it offers our Catholic incarcerated." The Director of Corrections Ministry, Fr. Ron Cloutier, has affirmed this e

Support In

As a 501(3)c, we need gifted Catholics to contribute funds to develop housing and programing for men and women trying to re-start their lives. Write for our executive plan.


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