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Annabelle's Ministry, Brainstormers Inc.


minister Ms. constance Kosuda


Tel.: 702-454-4053
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PO Box 621303
Las Vegas
United States

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1.  Friends and relatives of inmates
2.  Music, art ministries
3.  Woman ministry

Status:  Family and Friends of Inmates

Joined:  25 Jan 2005
Updated:  18 Jul 2006

Who We Are

We advocate for inmates and their families. Incarceration is a time when an inmate can find Spiritual Truth within themselves. We provide educational and spiritual publications to inmates upon request. Our coalition includes the Miracles of Hope Network, and Diversity Leadership Institute.

Our Vision

Our vision is the end of abuses and cruelty, with the punishment meted out in prison equal solely to the incarceration itself; we envision a time in the not too distant future when all inmates are given full access to humane medical and mental health care, educational and rehabilitative programs, and early release to community-sponsored transitional care; an end to retribution and the start of full-fledged spiritual transformation of all concerned.

Types Of Activity

Advocacy; spiritual and educational printed matter direct from the publisher; intervention with prison staff and wardens, medical directors, etc.; and the fostering of full inmate reintegration into the community upon release.


Nationally, USA.

Our magazine (newsletter)

Creative Educational Systems Newsletter dealing with Enlightened Education for a nominal subscription fee if mailing is required - internet access is free.

About Our Prison Ministry

We are non-denominational. We encourage donations so that books can be sent to inmates all over this country.

Support In

Please pray for all incarcerated individuals, throughout this planet, to be relieved of pain and suffering, to be free from abuse and torture and medical neglect, and to find spiritual truth within themselves during their incarceration. May God bless each and every one of us, all we are, all we love, all we touch, with Peace, Prosperity, Perfect Health, Harmony, Humility and Happiness, always, forever.

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