Don Dickerman Ministries

A powerful ministry for individuals and churches as well as prison inmates seeking deliverance, healing and a deeper understanding of God's Word. Don Dickerman has personally visited and heard testimonies from David Berkowitz (so-called Son of Sam), Mark David Chapman (the man who shot John Lennon), Karla Faye Tucker and others in his ministry...

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

As a licensed and ordained minister, and seminary graduate, Don has been directing this international prison ministry in 1974. He has now ministered in more that 800 different facilities seeing over 100,000 inmates respond to altar calls. Also, recently God has touched Don and anointed him in new areas of ministry, including healing and deliverance. Don is now more focused on personal ministry to individuals.

Types Of Activity

Don has two powerful areas of ministry that the Lord has anointed him with: 1) an outreach to prisons and 2) an incredible deliverance and healing ministry.


In the south region of the United States (including Texas and Oklahoma), but Don Dickerman has ministries throughout the United States and overseas.


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