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Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

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Encouraging Words & Ex-offender Resource Directory


Director Ms. Jennifer Jason Sanders


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P.O. Box 813474
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1.  Aftercare organizations
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Status:  Member

Joined:  13 Feb 2004
Updated:  6 Jan 2007

Who We Are

We publish a monthly newsletter, we create personal transition plans and we bi-annually publish the FAAX directory which is the Financial Aid and Assistance for ex-offenders resource guide. This directory is targeted to ex-offenders, inmates about to be released, their friends, family, counselors and ministers. We also have an online support group.

Our Vision

Our goal is to continuously research and verify new avenues and opportunities to help inmates with their transition from incarceration back to freedom. And to give them hope as well as the opportunity to succeed in society in order to praise and glorify God through their success.

Types Of Activity

Annual Publication of the Financial Aid and Assistance for X-offenders (FAAX) Directory. Any prison ministry which would like to be included in the FAAX directory as a resource for prison aftercare can email us. Prison Ministries are listed free of charge.


We have a campaign to provide FAAX directories for every prison and public library in every state. Current inmates may purchase our newsletter which includes a one time personal transition planning listing or inmates can order the FAAX comprehensive resource directory which contains federal and local transition and aftercare programs in each state in the United States.

Our magazine (newsletter)

FAXX Newletter is a support publication of FAAX Directory. Send an email, call the 800 number, or write us to subscribe to our re-entry newsletter; Subscribe

Books we have published

Send an email to order the 230 page self-help directory of programs and agencies for ex-offenders to help reintegrate and find assistance in the areas of:

* justice,
* health/addiction,
* employment,
* welfare,
* housing,
* transportation,
* educational needs
* emotions and more

FAAX is created by the Family and Friends of Ex-offender Foundation. View

About Our Prison Ministry

The FAAX directory is used by Counselors, Parole and Probation Professionals, Prison Ministries, as well as, current and former inmates, their families and friends who are trying to help ex-offenders get back on the right track. Also join our yahoo user group.

Support In

If you want your aftercare or transition ministry listed in the upcoming edition of the directory - Email us to get a copy of the survey. Prison Ministries are listed free of charge. If you have an aftercare program and have a success story you want to share with other ex-offender to encourage them, please send your story to our email address.

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