Freedom From Chian

We like have film ministry in Indian prisons.

Mt.:25:34-40 - I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

Our Vision

FFC Prison Ministries has a CSI and draws on a varied multi-denominational volunteer base. The whole team is united with the Ministry Leadership in our quest to share Godsí Word within the prison establishment through prayer, praise, worship, teaching and other ministry; encouraging individuals to acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Types Of Activity

We are working among orphan children (children home), prisoners children (children home) and prisoner in India.

Every week we are visiting and sharing Gospel, counseling, and meeting their family and children needs. For this prayerfully We are looking to God for every need. Film ministry in prison, camp for life prisoner (for camp taking outside the prison ).


Karnataka, Andrapradsh, Goa.

Support In

After coming out prison many became witness For their community. Still we want do more , we also need of lot of support, like Christian books, Bible, Tract, medicine, medical help, used cloths , Film projector, sound box, amp.


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