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"Prayer Quest" started in a long-term Scottish prison with 20 copies in Aug 2001. It grew threoughout the Scottish prison system and now is available to prisoners worldwide. We ask for no funds and are self-supporting through gardening work via: "Gardeners for Christ". The "PQ" prayer sheet aims to develop a discipline of daily prayer and bible study, simply!

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new crearture: the old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Who We Are

The "prayer quest" prayer sheet began in a long-term scottish prison with 20 copies. The goal than was to distrubute 300 sheets to every prisoner in the jail; within 3 month that goal was reached and now close to 2000 sheets are distrubuted to prisons throughout the UK and Greece.Praise jesus name cos his love goes on forever!!!

Our Vision

Our vision is to help the vast majority of men and women inside prison who have problems with literacy. 60% of prisoners have problems reading and writing; we produce a simple but effective prayer sheet which concentrates on one or two verses of the bible over the period of a month.Praise God

Types Of Activity

Prayer quest reaches men and women where they are at! In the close confines of there prison cells and through god's word, the amazing Holy Spirit can work wonders to change people from the heart, amen.


All the sheets go out by request and we cover most of the uk prisons through emmaus bible school and liberty christian trust; all the scottish jails and prisons in Greece. We are hoping for translations into various European languages and have had a very good response from a sister in Canada. amen.

Our magazine (newsletter)

The "PQ" prayer sheet is free!!! The cost is covered by a group of ex-prisoners who do gardening work in London (gardeners for Christ); we have recently made a video and plan to publish "PQ" as a daily devotional.

About Our Prison Ministry

We are utterly independant from all the major churches and look to the Lord for funding through work. The mission is growing and we need the work to cover the costs; if you live in london and want your garden done then send us email.


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